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How Do You Determine Your Maximum Heart Rate

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What Is The Most Accurate Test For Max Heart Rate

How to Calculate Your Max Heart Rate For Fitness Training

The gold standard for finding your maximal heart rate is a treadmill stress test in a lab, but you can simulate one on your own with a heart-rate monitor. At a track, do a warmup mile or two, followed by a mile at tempo pace, then gradually increase your speed over 400 meters before running a final quarter all out.

What Is Vo2 Max Cycling

VO2 max is the metric that describes your cardiorespiratory fitness and aerobic performance capacity. It is closely tied to your ability to sustain performance for longer periods of time. The cyclist with the highest VO2 max doesnt always win the race, but certainly needs a relatively high VO2max to be competitive.

Maximum Heart Rate And Beta Blockers

Our HRmax Calculator asks you to check a box if you use beta blockers. The reason for that is that heart patients and others on beta blockers will have a reduced maximum heart rate.

Beta blockers bind to adrenaline receptors and block access for adrenaline molecules. Adrenaline causes the heart to pump both harder and faster. Hence, beta blockers reduce the maximum heart rate. The magnitude of the reduction depends on the dosage, so we recommend that you test yourself to find an exact HRmax.

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Calculation Of Maximum Heart Rate

The easiest and best-known method to calculate your maximum heart rate is to use the formula

  • HRmax = 220 – Age

Dr Martha Gulati et al

Research conducted by Gulati et al. identified that the traditional male-based calculation overestimates the maximum heart rate for age in women. They investigated the association between heart rate response to exercise testing and age with 5437 women. It was found that the mean peak heart rate for women = 206 – .

Londeree and Moeschberger

A paper by Londeree and Moeschberger from the University of Missouri-Columbia indicates that the HRmax varies mostly with age, but the relationship is not linear. They suggest an alternative formula of

  • HRmax = 206.3 –

Londeree and Moeschberger looked at other variables to see if they had any effect on the HRmax. They found that neither sex nor race makes any difference, but they did find that the HRmax was affected by the activity and levels of fitness.

Studies have shown that HRmax on a treadmill is consistently 5 to 6 beats higher than on a bicycle ergometer and 2 to 3 beats higher on a rowing ergometer. Heart rates while swimming are significantly lower, around 14 bpm than for treadmill running. Elite endurance athletes and moderately trained individuals will have an HRmax 3 or 4 beats slower than a sedentary individual. It was also found that well trained over 50-year-olds are likely to have a higher HRmax than average for their age.

Miller et al

  • HRmax = 217 –

USA Researchers

  • HRmax = 206.9 –

Help Your Heart Work Stronger

Maximum Heart Rate Formula

Cardiovascular exercise is especially effective in keeping your heart healthy and reaching your target heart rate. This specific type of exercise gets your heart beating fast for several minutes at a time.

Target heart rate is defined as the minimum number of heartbeats in a given amount of time in order to reach the level of exertion necessary for cardiovascular fitness, specific to a persons age, gender, or physical fitness.

The following is an estimate given by the American Heart Association for target heart rate numbers for adults ages 45 to 70:

  • 45 years: 88 to 149 beats per minute
  • 50 years: 85 to 145 beats per minute
  • 55 years: 83 to 140 beats per minute
  • 60 years: 80 to 136 beats per minute
  • 65 years: 78 to 132 beats per minute
  • 70 years: 75 to 128 beats per minute

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How To Determine Your Maximum Heart Rate

Did you know you can calculate your highest heart rate? There are several ways to calculate exercise intensity. However, using your highest heart rate to create target training zones is the most familiar and dependable method. Below we provide you with a concise overview of how to estimate your max heart rate.

The Maximum Heart Rate In Your Fitness App Is Just An Estimate

If you are already going to the effort of tracking your workouts its important to get accurate data. While general data can show you important trends and give you a rough estimate of your effort and improvements over time, you can get much more accurate data by making sure that you have a few simple settings correct. One of the most important metrics that you need to get right is your maximum heart rate. Accuracy is key in heart rate training.

Maximum heart rate is the highest possible heart rate that your body is able to get to. This represents your maximum intensity. This is the value that represents pushing yourself to your absolute physical limits. When you first download your fitness app youre only seeing an estimate based on your age.

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What Does A High Rate Mean

A high active heart rate can mean that a person is exercising too vigorously. If a person finds that their heart rate is higher than the recommended range, they should slow down or take a break.

Although it is beneficial for workouts to be somewhat challenging, it is not healthy to push the heart too hard.

How To Measure Your Heart Rate

Maximum Heart Rate

To properly utilize heart rate training, you need an easy way to track your heart rate. Of course, you can always go old school, use a timer and place your fingers on your pulse to check beats per minute during your workouts, but that can get challenging when your heart rate soars, and youre trying to count beats while huffing and puffing. Fortunately, chest straps and wrist watches make measuring your HR instantly easier.

Just about any GPS-tracking watch will also track heart rate with at least moderate accuracy, but if youre looking for the most accurate option available, studies show youll be best served by opting for a chest-strap monitor.

According to a 2017 study comparing chest strap and wrist-based heart rate monitors, the Polar H7 was the most accurate of the seven products tested. Of course, there are many options on the market that havent been tested with this type of scientifically-validated approach, but of those that have been studied, these products consistently achieve the most accurate results:

A waterproof, optical HR monitor for your arm

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How Do I Find My Target Heart Rate

To find your target heart rate zone, you first have to know your max heart rate. The simplest way to determine that is to subtract your age from 220. That number is a general guideline for your max heart rate. Then multiply that number times the percentage listed in the exercise heart rate zone you want to be in.

For example, a 40-year-old woman has a max heart rate of 180 beats per minute . To exercise in the lower-intensity zone, multiply 180 times 50% or 60%. The target heart rate would range from 90 to 108 for a low-intensity workout.

Some exercise machines like treadmills automatically track your heart rate for you. But you can also track it yourself by wearing a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker.

What heart rate is too high?

Anything over your max heart rate is unsafe. But its also about duration, says Travers. You can do short bursts in a higher, more intense heart rate zone. Overall, though, its best to spend longer periods in a zone below your max heart rate.

Our Maximum Heart Rate Calculator Uses A Safer Formula

There are trainers out there that are still using the old method to determine a persons maximum heart rate.

The changes came after the realization the old formula was greatly underestimating old folks maximum heart rate.

So, the effect on young bucks is minimal. However, its risky for our gramps and grans.

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Calculating Your Maximum Heart Rate

  • 1Subtract your age from 220. The easiest way to calculate your maximum heart rate is to simply take your age and subtract that number from 220. However, this is also the least accurate method.XResearch source
  • The results from this basic formula are fine to use to predict your maximum heart rate if you’re just trying to find your target heart rate for moderate-intensity exercise. However, if you plan on engaging in more strenuous activity, you may want a more accurate estimate.
  • 2Compare a more complex calculation. While the simple calculation works for most people, you can get a slightly more accurate result if you multiply your age by 0.67 and then subtract that number from 206.9.XResearch source
  • For example, if you’re 20 years old, your maximum heart rate under this calculation would be 206.9 = 193.5. In contrast, the other equation would predict your maximum heart rate to be 200. If you’re going to be engaging in extremely vigorous physical activity, that difference could be significant.
  • 3Take a laboratory test. While subtracting your age from 220 will give you a rough estimate of your maximum heart rate, sometimes a rough estimate isn’t good enough. Taking a maximum effort test in a lab will get you more accurate results.XResearch source
  • These tests normally involve hooking you up to a heart monitor and having you run on a treadmill or cycle on a stationary cycle until you’re approaching close to maximum effort. A cardiologist may supervise the test.
  • How To Use This Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

    Are You Working Out Hard Enough?

    You might be wondering why you would need a heart rate calculator.

    Well, its important for both newbies and veterans alike.

    Being aware of your maximum heart rate helps newbies by not overexerting their effort on the emphasis of losing weight as much as possible.

    The same thing goes for veterans, knowing their max HR can prevent overexercising which can result in injuries.

    Once you figure out your max HR, you will know when to back off. Dont over fatigue, over strain, and over exercise yourself.

    Its not productive when you have to rest for a couple of months due to injury.

    Now that you know your maximum heart rate learn more about losing belly fat by reading the article below:

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    How To Test For Your Cycling Max Heart Rate

    The 220 minus age formula that was developed in the Second World War to work out your max heart rate is rather dated but still used extensively around the world. A new formula 214- for men, and 209- for women has been developed to help improve its accuracy.

    The traditional strategy is to use the formula of 220 minus age to guestimate your max. This is often used in health clubs. Here, charts show age-related MHR and training heart rates for cardiovascular fitness development. For example, if you are 40, your estimated MHR would be 180 . You can then calculate training heart rates from this, using a formula such as 70 per cent MHR . Its quite simple, but unfortunately, its not accurate for everyone. American sports scientists have modified the basic formula to allow for gender: 214- for men, and 209- for women. REF:

    Both the 220 minus age and 214- for men, and 209- for women formulas will provide you with a good starting point however, most people that I train have a higher max heart rate than these normalised formulas.

    For a more accurate indication of your max heart rate, there are several simple cycling max heart rate tests that you can perform yourself or with the aid of someone else.

    The following methods are sourced from and provide two good examples of max heart rate tests.

    Max Heart Rate Test 1.

    Know Your Numbers: Maximum And Target Heart Rate By Age

    This table shows target heart rate zones for different ages. Your maximum heart rate is about 220 minus your age.3

    In the age category closest to yours, read across to find your target heart rates. Target heart rate during moderate intensity activities is about 50-70% of maximum heart rate, while during vigorous physical activity its about 70-85% of maximum.

    The figures are averages, so use them as a general guide.

    Volunteer Requirements

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    What Is A Good Average Heart Rate While Cycling

    The average RHR of the population is about 70bpm. In general although this is not always the case with well-trained cyclists people tend to lose fitness as they age, so may well find their RHR increasing. But if youre in your mid-twenties or thirties and very fit you may well find your RHR is less than 50bpm.

    Higher Maximum Heart Rate With Lower Fitness

    How Do I Find My Maximum Heart Rate? | Ask Coach Scott

    Healthy non-athletes almost reach their true maximum heart rate during an all-out test of maximum oxygen uptake. In our research, we usually add five heart beats to the highest heart rate achieved during a cardiopulmonary exercise test, but according to our new results that is three beats too many. The study also indicates that women and men have similar maximum heart rates, and that persons with below-average fitness generally have higher maximum heart rates than fitter persons.

    The study includes 107 men and women between 22 and 70 years of age. They all had their maximum oxygen uptake tested at our lab, and then performed a standardized maximum heart rate test a few days later. The results show that the real maximum heart rate was 2.2 beats higher per minute than the maximum heart rate achieved during the test of oxygen uptake.

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    Does The Average Person Need To Track Their Heart Rate

    If you have heart disease, its important to learn target heart rates and monitor them as you exercise. For everyone else, the talk test works just fine, says Travers. Can you talk and carry on a conversation when youre exercising? Then youre in a heart-healthy, moderately easy zone. Dont stress about the numbers.

    What matters most is that you make an effort to move more. Any exercise, for any length of time, will improve fitness. If tracking your heart rate makes you happy, then go for it. But if heart rate calculations become a stumbling block, forget about it. Your journey to becoming stronger and healthier is too important to let anything get in the way.

    Important To Get The Maximum Heart Rate Right

    Maximum heart rate is an important tool to uncover cardiovascular disease. During stress testing, age-expected maximum heart rate is used as a guideline for when the test should be concluded. If the test is finished before the load is high enough, you risk not to detect subclinical heart disease. Therefore, it is of great clinical relevance to have a way to accurately estimate HRmax.

    The traditional formula for determining HRmax is “220 minus age”, but can underestimate HRmax by up to 40 beats per minute in seniors. In fact, the method is inaccurate already at an age of 3040 years, and gets more inaccurate the older you are.

    In The HUNT Fitness Study, we measured accurate maximum heart rate in 3,320 healthy adults aged between 19 and 89. Based on these tests we made a completely new formula which estimates maximum heart rate far more accurately than “220 minus age”. The HRmax Calculator is based on this formula: “211 – 0.64*age”.

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    Why Is It Important To Know Your Target Heart Rate

    Heart rateimportantexerciseexercise

    Mihail Youki

    • Heart rate zone 1: 50â60% of HRmax. This is the very low intensity zone.
    • Heart rate zone 2: 60â70% of HRmax.
    • Heart rate zone 3: 70â80% of HRmax.
    • Heart rate zone 4: 80â90% of HRmax.
    • Heart rate zone 5: 90â100% of HRmax.

    Ascencion Llumiquinga

    How Do You Find The Target Heart Rate

    How to Calculate Your Target Heart Rate: 9 Steps (with ...

    How to determine your target heart rate zone

  • Subtract your age from 220 to get your maximum heart rate.
  • Calculate your resting heart rate by counting how many times your heart beats per minute when you are at rest, such as first thing in the morning.
  • . Similarly, how do I determine my heart rate zones?

    Subtract your heart’s resting rate from your maximum rate. For example, if you are 40 years old, subtract that number from 220 your maximum rate is 180. Next, subtract your resting rate or 80 in this example. Your heartrate reserve is 100 beats per minute.

    Likewise, what is a good heart rate for my age? The normal resting heart rate for adults over the age of 10 years, including older adults, is between 60 and 100 beats per minute . Highly trained athletes may have a resting heart rate below 60 bpm, sometimes reaching 40 bpm. The resting heart rate can vary within this normal range.

    Additionally, what is target heart rate mean?

    Target heart rate is defined as the minimum number of heartbeats in a given amount of time in order to reach the level of exertion necessary for cardiovascular fitness, specific to a person’s age, gender, or physical fitness.

    What is a bad heart rate?

    Tachycardia refers to a fast resting heart rate, usually over 100 beats per minute. Tachycardia can be dangerous, depending on its underlying cause and on how hard the heart has to work. However, tachycardia significantly increases the risk of stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, and death.

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