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Can Bang Energy Drinks Cause Heart Attacks

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Should You Drink Bang Energy Drink On An Empty Stomach

Just ONE Energy Drink Can INCREASE Risk of HEART ATTACKS

In my experience, drinking any energy drink on an empty stomach is a pretty bad idea. Youll end up feeling sick without anything on your stomach to protect it a little.

So, its a big NO!

Besides, nothing can replace a healthy meal in any way.

I strongly suggest having a meal or snack before drinking a can of Bang. That way, you can enjoy the drink better and can avoid stomach acid.

/8excess Energy Drink Leads To Death

Recently, a 26-year-old young man from Texas has died from consuming too many energy drinks. Reportedly, he was consuming almost 8-10 cans of energy drink daily that led to a blood clot and blockage in his heart, which resulted in a heart attack and thus causing death. This incident has again questioned the risk of consuming energy drinks, which are extremely popular among millennials.

Energy Drinks And Alcohol

Some of the hospital emergencies linked with energy drinks are specifically associated with a combination of energy drinks and alcohol use.

Interestingly, mixing alcoholic beverages with energy drinks has been shown to increase the rate of alcohol consumption and the overall quantity of alcohol consumed in an experimental setting. Study participants who were given alcohol mixed with energy drinks drank at a faster pace and consumed more alcohol than study participants who were given alcohol that was not mixed with energy drinks.

Of course, this combination and the associated behavioral phenomena can produce a number of side effects of its own. Larger quantities of alcohol consumption induced by energy drinks can lead to a person drinking more than intended.

Some people may also inaccurately believe drinking energy drinks after consuming alcohol helps to improve decision-making skills or judgement. Hazardous behaviors guided by this misconception, such as drinking and driving, can contribute to the overall risk levels associated with consuming energy drinks.

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Super Creatine In Bang Energy Drink

The creatine found in Bang Energy Drink is referred to as Super Creatine. The combination of creatine and L-Leucine helps with mental focus as it can cross the blood-brain easily.

Creatine is one of the substances that are found in your muscle cells. It provides energy to the muscles to help you carry on with your long workout sessions.

Creatine is considered to be the number one supplement for increasing strength and physical performance by many sports scientists. This explains why you should drink your Bang Energy right before your workout or any extreme physical activity.

Super Creatine can be absorbed by the body easier compared to creatine due to it being water-soluble which means that youll quickly gain the boost that you need, along with enhanced focus.

However, the premise isnt confirmed by the FDA yet. So, I suggest you do your own research regarding the subject.

The amount of Super Creatine in Bang Energy is not mentioned anywhere. It is hard to tell if you can really get the benefits of Super Creatine after a can of Bang Energy Drink.

There is an unspecified amount of Super Creatine in Bang.

For Both The Young And Old Energy Drinks Can Endanger Your Heart

Man Suffers Heart Attack After Drinking 24 Red Bulls (Video)

Highly caffeinated energy drinks and energy shots may enhance sports performance and keep you alert and attentive. But hidden in their promise is the risk of getting too much caffeine and that can endanger your heart at any age. Drinks like Red Bull, Monster Energy, and Rockstar, or shots like 5-Hour Energy, are not the same as sports drinks or coffee. Energy drinks and energy shots contain up to 500 milligrams of caffeine per can or bottle compared with 100 mg in a typical cup of coffee, or about 50 mg in 12 ounces of caffeinated soda. What’s more, many energy drink labels don’t accurately disclose caffeine levels, found a Consumer Reports investigation, and they’re also not FDA-regulated.

As the number of energy drink-related emergency room visits is rising from about 1,500 in 2005 to over 20,000 cases in 2011, according to a government report experts also worry about toxic combos of energy drinks and illicit drugs. Though energy drinks are popular with young people, the largest increase in ER visits was in people over 40. Here are several ways energy drinks may endanger your heart and your life.

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What Is Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee was invented by a biohacker, Dave Asprey.

He is an investor and technology American entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of The Bulletproof Diet .

While traveling in Tibet he stopped in a local hut where a Tibetan woman offered him a cup of tea blended with yak butter.

He felt rejuvenated, then for the next few years he set out to recreate a beverage with the same results .

The original bulletproof coffee recipe is made of three essential ingredients: grass-fed unsalted butter, medium-chain triglycerides oil , and coffee. If any of these three key ingredients are missing, your hot coffee is not considered Bulletproof coffee.

Each ingredient is important in its own right and makes Bulletproof coffee what it is, no more, no less.

A lot of people, specifically keto dieters may try and swap ingredients, such as putting coconut oil in their morning coffee.

This is ok to do if you choose, but if you want your cup of coffee to be considered bulletproof coffee you need to incorporate those three essential ingredients .

According to an interview Dave Asprey stated that he uses the product, brain octane oil in his own coffee. The brain octane oil is rich in MCTs .

Always ask your healthcare provider before implementing anything new into your diet to ensure it is safe and healthy for you.

/8how Much Is Too Much

Excess of everything is bad and, in some cases, even life-threatening. According to various researches and studies, it is safe to consume only 400 milligrams of caffeine per day for a healthy adult, anything more than that may lead to several side effects. Concluding from this caffeine daily intake, one should limit the energy drink consumption to 1 or a maximum of 2 cans per day. Do make sure that it should be taken in moderation and not more than once or twice a week.

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Mixing Energy Drinks With Alcohol

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol, such a Monster or Red Bull with vodka, is a popular choice, especially at college campuses. One of the side effects of energy drinks, however, is that when it is mixed with alcohol, it can cause aggression or other risky behavior.

A September 2018 study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research showed that the ingredient taurine, which is in energy drinks like Monster, when combined with alcohol caused zebrafish to display aggressive and more predatory actions, along with more risk-seeking behavior.

The NIH backed up these study findings for humans, saying that those who mixed energy drinks with alcohol were more likely to drive drunk, report unwanted or unprotected sex, and have alcohol-related injuries.

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The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Bang Energy Drinks

HEART ATTACK IN A CAN?! | Monster Juice Papillon and Bang Miami Cola energy drink TASTE TEST

The new energy drink fad popular these days is Bang energy, and most people believe it to be a healthy alternative to Red Bull or Monster. However, is it really? After reading about it, as I am an avid energy drink fan, I was pretty disappointed. Not only was Bang not a healthy alternative, but it also wasnt really healthy at all. In fact, there are a number of reasons why I believe it to be far worse than many energy drinks, and if you dont believe me, read what I found out.

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Why Energy Drinks Are A Bad Choice

Using energy drinks to cope with stress is not a good idea. I know this from personal experience. I recently worked a high stress job, where I drank an average of one and sometimes two 12 oz. Red Bulls every day. I worked long hours, didnt get enough rest, and figured I needed the extra caffeine to do everything I wanted to do.

But the price I paid was high. I saw my health gradually draining away, as I became more and more unhealthy from skipping meals and not getting enough rest. I often downed the drinks when I was in a hurry, instead of eating a meal. It gave me a caffeine boost to get my work done, but I gradually gained 50 pounds from the excess sugar in my diet. I had no stamina and I felt horrible.

Finally I said to myself, enough is enough. I left the job and changed my priorities and started taking care of myself. No job is worth ruining your health over. I gave up my daily doses of energy drinks and started eating healthier and exercising a lot. It took several months of hard physical work and self discipline for me to bounce back from my energy drink craze and start eating more of a plant-based diet.

There has been widespread discussion and debate in the news media and a growing awareness about why the drinks are harmful. There are documented cases of young people who have died from cardiac arrest after drinking them.

Why are Energy Drinks Dangerous?

Effects of Caffeine and Sugar

Two Dangerous Things That Adults do With Energy Drinks

Are Reign Energy Drinks Healthy

Reign is best consumed before or after exercise.

Reign Energy Drinks may be considered healthy because they contain B3, B6, B12, amino acids, and CoQ10. However, the main risk is its high caffeine levels.

Reign Energy Drink is also packed with a lot of supplements that have promising health benefits.

From its B-Vitamins, you can get healthy skin , increased red blood cells , and an improved nervous system .

On top of these, you also get incredible benefits from the three types of amino acids present in Reign Energy Drink.

  • L-Isoleucine important for immune function, hemoglobin production, and energy regulation
  • L-Valine stimulate muscle growth, facilitated energy production
  • L-Leucine helps muscle repair and protein synthesis regulates blood sugar levels, helps wound healing, and produces growth hormones

Aside from that, Reign Inferno, an upgrade from Reigns usual formulation, has the following additional supplements:

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How To Tell If You’re Having A Heart Attack

A HEART attack or myocardial infarction occurs when one of the coronary arteries becomes blocked.

The heart muscle is then robbed of vital oxygenated blood which, if left untreated, can cause the heart muscle to begin to die, but what are the symptoms?

Heart attack symptoms can be difficult to spot for sure, because they can vary from person to person.

The most common signs include:

  • chest pain, tightness, heaviness, pain or a burning feeling in your chest
  • pain in the arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach
  • for some people the pain and tightness will be severe, while for others it will just feel uncomfortable
  • sweating
  • becoming short of breath
  • feeling nauseous or vomiting

Past studies have linked them to heart conditions, as well as problems with the nerves and stomach.

It led toProfessor David Hammond said: “The number of health effects observed in our study suggests that more should be done to restrict consumption among children and youth.”

And many supermarkets and high street stores have taken matters into their own hands.

Asda, Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons, Co-Op and WH Smith have also implemented the ban to protect youngsters.

Gavin Partington, director of the British Soft Drinks Association said: “Energy drinks and their ingredients have been extensively studied and confirmed safe by government safety authorities worldwide and nothing in this research counters that.”

What Are The Benefits Of Essential Oils

Morgan &  Morgan files lawsuits against Monster Energy ...

In humans, essential oils provide support for every system in the body: your skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, endocrine system and hormones, respiratory system and immune system. They support brain health and healthy weight. They are used extensively for emotions and for spiritual support.

The oil itself acts in our body much the way it does in a plant, it provides nutrients and aides in healing. The way and process by which the essential oils are made is important, some essential oils obtained through the chemical processes are not considered true essential oils. Which is why I use Young Living because the oils are extracted in their truest form, not added to or altered.

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Energy Drinks Pump Up Blood Pressure And Heart Rate

The caffeine in energy drinks doesn’t just pump up your nervous system it also gives your heart a kick by raising blood pressure and heart rate, which is risky for people with heart disease.

“People with heart conditions should absolutely avoid all energy drinks and energy shots,” says Kevin R. Campbell, MD, a cardiologist at University of North Carolina Health Care in Raleigh, as well as a consultant. In people who have heart disease, high doses of caffeine raise risks for heart attack and stroke, and can prompt potentially life-threatening heart rhythm disorders, says Dr. Campbell. The taurine in energy drinks may also overload the heart with calcium, which can cause an irregular heartbeat, cardiac arrest, and sudden cardiac death.

Not All Energy Drinks Are The Same

The medical community has investigated the effects of energy drinks in order to determine what quantities, if any, are safe for consumption. In particular, researchers want to know whether the risk lies with the individual ingredients or the combination of ingredients. But the sheer number of brands available complicates the research effort. Some brands could be more harmful than others.

In general, most of the popular energy drinks contain at least a few of the same ingredients: caffeine, glucose, vitamins, minerals, and herbs. The quantities and concentrations vary, and some drinks may also be fortified with additional chemicals beyond those that are most common.

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Heavy Energy Drink Consumption Linked To Heart Failure In A Young Man

Adds to mounting concerns about potential heart hams of energy drinks, say report authors

Heavy energy drink consumption may be linked to heart failure, doctors have warned in the journal BMJ Case Reports after treating a 21 year old, who had regularly drunk 4 such cans every day for around 2 years.

This report adds to the growing body of published evidence on, and mounting concerns about, the potential heart harms of these drinks, say the authors.

The young man in question ended up in intensive care after experiencing 4 months of progressive shortness of breath on exertion, breathlessness while lying down , and weight loss.

He habitually drank an average of four 500 ml cans of energy drink every day: each can contains 160 mg of caffeine plus taurine and various other ingredients. He said he had been doing this for around 2 years.

He also recalled that he had had bouts of indigestion, tremor and palpitations in the past for which he hadn’t sought medical help. In the 3 months before he was admitted to hospital, he had been forced to discontinue his university studies because he felt so unwell and lethargic.

Blood tests, scans, and ECG readings revealed that he had both heart and kidney failure, severe enough to warrant his being considered for a dual organ transplant.

“Clear warnings should be provided about the potential cardiovascular dangers of energy drink consumption in large amounts,” they conclude.

Evidence type: Single case report

Who Usually Drinks Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks Causing Heart Attacks, ER Visits

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health states that men between the ages of 18 and 34 years consume the most energy drinks, and almost one-third of teens between 12 and 17 years drink them regularly.

Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing products in the beverage market. Monster Beverage Corporation, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Rockstar Inc., and PepsiCo are a few of the many companies with a high market share in the energy drinks segment, and these companies promote their beverages through advertising, and sports players and celebrity endorsement. These drinks are marketed towards teens and young adults and are often promoted in conjunction with sporting events, such as extreme skiing, motorsports, and skateboarding. Its not surprising, then, that adolescents and young adults are drawn to energy drinks. The CDC notes that many school districts sell these beverages in vending machines, school stores, and snack bars.

Adults, too, are often drawn towards energy drinks as they serve as an alternate way to get caffeine and that pick me up without needing to drink coffee, tea, or soda.

To get cutting-edge diabetes news, strategies for blood glucose management, nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and more delivered straight to your inbox, !

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How Much Caffeine Is In Bang Energy Drink

A 16 fl.oz can of Bang Energy contains 300mg of caffeine, which is a pretty high amount for an energy drink of its size.

With 300mg of caffeine, Bang is one of the highly caffeinated energy drinks out there which offer quite a punch to keep you awake for those all-nighters and graveyard shifts.

If your caffeine tolerance happens to be similar to mine, which is around 50mg to 100mg per drink, 300mg of caffeine would certainly be a bit too much for your liking.

That said, whether you can handle Bangs high caffeine content or not depends on your caffeine metabolism and how sensitive you are to caffeine.

Its also important to keep in mind that the FDA advises a maximum caffeine intake of up to 400mg per day for healthy adults. Excessive consumption of caffeine could eventually lead to adverse effects like:

  • Rapid heart rhythm
  • Headaches
  • Dehydration

Plus, be sure to look out for the warning label on the Bang Energy can, which states the amount of Bang you can have in a day and the potential negative effects of too much caffeine.

In any case, be sure to moderate your Bang Energy intake and monitor the number of caffeinated beverages you consume in your overall diet.

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