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Heart Shaped Nipple Surgery

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Are 3d And 4d Nipple Tattoos Safe

Nurse tattoos nipples on cancer survivors

3D nipple tattoos are as safe as traditional tattoos, as any reputable tattoo artist will be applying the tattoo using sterile equipment. 4D nipple reconstruction requires a minor outpatient surgical procedure performed under anesthesia. Its considered a safe surgical procedure, but you should consult your doctor to ensure that the procedure is right for you based on your health needs.

What Are The Side Effects And Risks Of Nipple Surgery

Nipple surgery is considered to be safe, and most people dont have any major side effects beyond discomfort, swelling, temporary numbness, and bruising.

However, your plastic surgeon should explain these potential risks.

  • Infection: Keeping your nipples clean as they heal will help you reduce the risk of infection. Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to do that.
  • Long-term numbness: Most patients have only a temporary loss of sensation, but if your surgery results in accidental nerve damage, this can be permanent.\
  • Difficulty breastfeeding: Its very unlikely but still possible for milk ducts to be damaged by nipple surgery. Because of this , its wise to wait until after youre done breastfeeding to have any kind of nipple surgery.

Interested in nipple surgery?

How Much Does Cost To Get Heart

Getting Heart-shaped nipples by tattoo is less expensive than nipple graft. The cost of nipple tattoo from an experienced tattoo artist is $350 for one nipple and $600-$1000 for both nipples. It depends on per hour charge of your tattoo artist.

Nipple graft surgery is more expensive and it ranges from $600-$5000. Although, the cost will depend on some factors, like locations, experience of tattoo artist, if he is moving to your area or residence.

Whether it is nipple graft surgery or nipple tattoo some factors will affect on your cost, such as:

  • Experience of tattoo artist or plastic surgeon
  • Living cost around your location
  • Where the surgery is performed, either at home or in a hospital
  • Method of anesthesia

Nipple tattoos needs touching-up and color restoration in every 2 years with an additional cost.

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General Principles Of Nac Reconstruction Planning

Ideal reconstruction of the NAC requires symmetry in position, size, shape, texture, and pigmentation and permanent projection. Generally, NAC reconstruction can be safely performed in an outpatient setting under local anaesthesia. The authors proposed the following suggestions general guidelines for the NAC reconstruction.

NAC reconstruction is postponed till the final and stable setting of the reconstructed breast mound, optimally 3-4 months following breast reconstruction . Timing of NAC reconstruction is crucial to the final aesthetic result. Surgical decisions made too early may result in asymmetric placement of the nipple. Adjuvant therapies need to be taken into consideration as the tissue healing effects of radiation and chemotherapy may compromise final outcomes. The ideal timing for reconstruction is approximately 3-5 months after the last revisional reconstructive surgery. This allows for swelling and inflammation to subside, while allowing for settling of the reconstructed breast mound into its final position .

In unilateral reconstruction, the contralateral NAC serves as a template.

In bilateral reconstruction, the surgeon must make use of standard values to create a nipple position, size, and areola size. A review of 600 breasts showed that the mean diameter of the areola is approximately 4 cm, with average nipple diameter being 1.3 cm and the average nipple projection is 0.9 cm . The average nipple-areola and areola-breast proportion is approximately 1.3 cm .

How To Prepare For The Procedure

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Preparing for the procedure is simple enough because most consults with the doctor or the tattoo artist.

You will need to check the background and experience of the doctor. Find out if the person has performed such a procedure in the past, and in case he has, check the pictures.

Present photographs of the heart-shaped nipple that you want to get done. Inquire if there is any hazard or risk involved in your case.

Women with piercings in their nipples will need to take those out because it will hamper the process of tattoo or plastic surgery. Inquire about the pros and cons of the procedure and how close the result is to the photograph you have provided.

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What Is The Difference Between 3d Tattoos And 4d Nipple Reconstruction

First, lets clarify some terms:

  • 3D nipple tattoos refer to tattoos created in the traditional sense with tattoo ink using the colors of nipple pigment. They are designed using realistic markings to give the illusion of a realistic nipple.
  • 4D nipple reconstruction is one step up from 3D tattoos. These are hyperrealistic tattoos that are created using a surgical procedure. They add a fourth dimension in the form of depth to the nipple so that it not only looks like a real nipple but it feels like one too.
  • The New Nipple Modification You Should Avoid & Why

    Body modification is different than conventional plastic surgery. The procedures are designed to alter a persons body in an unconventional way. One of the strangest modifications is the heart-shaped nipple.

    Creating heart-shaped nipples surgically is by and large condemned by board-certified plastic surgeons around the world. However, fringe doctors are happy to perform this procedure despite the fact that:

    • It is considered experimental, and there is little to no scientific data to back it up.
    • The risk of infection is high, often because of the lack of training of the surgeon.
    • The risk of scarring is also high.
    • Nipple sensation may be affected.
    • The ability to breast-feed may be affected.

    So whats a girl to do if she really and truly wants to wear her heart on her breast? Tattoos are an excellent alternative, says Dr Norris. The important thing is that the procedure is performed by an experienced tattoo artist in a safe, clean environment.

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    Body Modification Vs Cosmetic Surgery

    Body modification refers to changing your physical appearance by either piercing or tattooing. Cosmetic surgery entails intensive surgery done by a medically-trained plastic surgeon.

    Procedures done by a plastic surgeon involve a lot of peer review and take time to execute. Even more important, their practices receive great amounts of monitoring by the FDA.

    On the other hand, body modifiers learn their craft on the job and do not fall under any regulations. Most of the time, your insurance cover will not apply to their services. With plastic surgery, you can get several decent clinics that accept medical cover.

    What do you need to know before getting one?

    So, what is it that most plastic surgeons donât like about these types of procedures? I mean, there has to be some logical explanation about why they seem so hung up on the matter. Right?

    Well, to understand that, you must first understand some factors. They involve related risks, scarring, ethics, and level of comfort.

    See what I mean below:

    Is A Heart Nipple Tattoo Covered By Insurance

    Before and After Your Heart Surgery

    It should be, at least partially.

    The Womens Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 is a federal law that requires group health plans and health insurance companies that offer mastectomy coverage to also pay for reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. The coverage should include all stages of reconstruction.

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    Prosthetic Nipples And Temporary Nipple Tattoos

    Some women find stick-on nipples to be a surprisingly good alternative to nipple reconstruction surgery or nipple tattooing. You may want to try prosthetic nipples if you dont want or cant get nipple reconstruction surgery or a nipple tattoo, are still deciding, or are waiting to finish other procedures first.

    Prosthetic nipples are made from soft silicone, and you can put them on and take them off whenever youd like. They are either self-sticking or come with a special skin adhesive that can hold the nipple in place for several days or longer. They look and feel like real nipples and are available in different sizes, colors, and projections.

    Two of the best-known brands are:

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      Pink Perfect, which offers ready-made silicone prosthetic nipples in a variety of styles and colors and custom-made ones that are designed to match your natural nipples. The nipples are attached to the breast using adhesive and can be worn in the shower, ocean, or swimming pool.

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      Amoena, which sells readymade silicone prosthetic nipples that are self-sticking and available in four colors and three sizes.

    Some insurance companies cover the cost of prosthetic nipples. You will, in most cases, have to submit the claim to your insurance yourself, with a receipt for the prosthetic nipples and a prescription or a letter from your doctor that states that the prosthetic nipples are medically necessary.

    What Styles Of The Heart Nipple Tattoo Are Available

    First, we should note that the type of tattoo you get depends on whether youve had the mound of the nipple reconstructed or not. If the texture is there, its a much simpler treatment, but if its not, you can get the so-called 3D nipple tattoo that recreates dimension through the use of multiple shades and clever color placement.

    If youre doing bilateral nipple and areola recreation through tattooing, you have the freedom to choose the color, size, and shape of your nipples.

    While most clients decide on the color that matches the shade of the natural nipples theyve lost, some take the opportunity to get creative and customize it. So you can choose whichever shade of pink, reddish or purplish you like most, just make sure it suits your skin tone and undertone.

    When it comes to style, you can get a heart nipple tattoo that imitates the texture of a natural nipple, with all its bumps and crevices. That style is usually done through micropigmentation, with PMU pigments, because they look more like natural tissue.

    Or, you can get a block-of-color-styled, solid color heart that doesnt look like natural tissue, but rather like a work of art.

    Image source: Instagram @on.point.permanent

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    How To Prepare For A Heart

    If youâre hell-bent on getting a heart-shaped nipple procedure, first go for a consultation. If possible, you should carry with you preselected photos of what youâd like for yourself.

    Itâs also important that you enquire from the practitioner whether theyâve done the procedure before. It can be even better if they can associate their claim with official records as proof.

    Other than that, you should also ask what the process entails and what you need to do afterward.

    You may get instructed to remove any metallic piercing before the process. This is especially when youâve opted for a nipple graft. With tattooing, the requirements may be a bit less stringent according to what your artist advises.

    How Do You Take Preparations For This Procedure

    Heart Shaped Butterfly Nipple Pasties

    If you have decided to get heart-shaped nipples, you need consultation with your certified tattoo artist or plastic surgeon.

    Bring pictures of your desired outcome during the conversation.

    You should be preparing to ask any questions related to your surgery such as:

    • Taking care of your nipples after the procedure
    • What will be the healing process
    • If your surgeon or tattoo artist has done the similar procedure before
    • Ask to see examples of pictures of their work
    • Risks and complications associated with this modification
    • How much cost associated to do this procedure

    If you have piercings on your nipples you may need to remove before nipple graft or other plastic surgery procedure. If you decide to getting a nipple tattoo, speak to your tattoo artist if they may have any interference.

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    Which One Is Better Traditional Tattooing Or Micropigmentation

    Well, both options have their pros and cons.

    Getting the heart nipple tattoo in permanent ink will last you decades, but recreating nipples and areolas through micropigmentation looks more natural. The pigments used are formulated to look as natural as possible and blend into the skin much better, but they are broken down by the body much faster than tattoo ink, so they fade over the course of a few years.

    Whichever option you choose, you will need color boosts, since even tattoo ink fades over time. A long time, but still. The choice is down to you, just make sure you find an expert who has experience doing the heart nipple tattoo.

    D Nipple Tattoo After Breast Reconstructionby Ravi Tandon Md On May 18 2019

    During a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, the nipple is often removed as part of the procedure. Dr. Ravi Tandon offers nipple reconstruction as part of the reconstructive surgery process, which helps complete the appearance of the breast. There are different ways to go about nipple reconstruction, and we discuss various methods in greater detail at our plastic surgery center serving the New Orleans, LA area.

    Nipple and areola tattoos are one popular method many patients consider. Lets take a moment to consider the use of 3D areola and nipple tattoos and why it may be a good option for you.

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    Areola And Nipple Graft

    This operating-room procedure takes skin from another part of your body to create a nipple and areola. The surgeon will use skin from your chest to make a nipple. For the areola, surgeons usually choose to take skin from an area such as the waist or inner thigh because this skin tends to heal to a darker tone once itâs grafted.

    Your nipple will project outward in a natural way. You might also choose to have color tattooed onto the new nipple to match the areola. Itâs key to remember that though your new nipple might look like its original, you wonât feel any sensation, and it wonât respond to touch or temperature. You also might find it less pert than before.

    Another potential drawback is, although itâs an outpatient surgery, you might feel a bit surgery-weary by this point.

    The Nipple Grafting Procedure

    Baby has life-changing surgery to have heart shaped tumor removed

    Yes, you can sometimes find cosmetic surgeons who will customize your body, however as Zwivel.com explains, you will usually find yourself going to a third-world nation to have the surgical treatment carried out. Throughout a nipple grafting surgery, the medical professional will initially eliminate the external layer of your nipple, followed by covering it with a graft from another part of the body in order to create the heart shape. In this case, it can risk your capability to breastfeed and/or can decrease your nipple level of sensitivity. Third-world nations, such as China and India, frequently customize body parts due to religious customs and even simply to take your money.

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    How Fast Will Be The Recovery Process

    Once the nipple grafting or the tattoo is complete, you will have to ensure that the area remains completely dry, clean and definitely covered.

    You will definitely have enough pain, and taking a pain killer is a must. You can return to work within a day or two without any hassle, but if you work out regularly, it is best to stay away from it for some time.

    As the nipple grafting is sensitive now, it is best to avoid any strain to the region or wear very tight clothes. Excessive movement of the breast tissues should be avoided after the grafting and even later on also.

    The graft usually starts getting attached to the rest of the skin within seven days or so. Dont forget to visit the doctor for a follow-up after a week. You can get back to your normal activities after almost six weeks of skin grafting.

    The skin should have healed completely by now in six months, and the heart-shaped nipples should be clearly visible. Now, is actually the time to understand how well the doctor or tattoo artist has worked in the area?

    It will still take quite a few months for the heart-shaped tattoos to get to their final appearance. In some cases, the doctors recommend women avoid certain brassieres shapes completely while the grated area is recovering.

    Taking proper care of tattooed areas is a must because most complications arise after being done.

    How Long Does The Process Take

    3D tattoos dont take very long at all about an hour or so in many cases. The 3D tattoo healing process mirrors a traditional tattoo healing process, taking about 7-10 days to heal.

    4D nipple reconstruction is a phased process, with the nipple reconstruction surgery occurring first , and a 3D nipple pigment tattoo application occurring about 3-5 months after the nipple reconstruction surgery. 4D nipple procedures will require a longer time to heal. Following a 4D procedure, a nipple shield should be left on for three days , and the stitches will typically be removed after two weeks.

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    What Is Nipple Reduction

    Nipple Reduction surgery is a simple cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce the size and change the shape of one or both of your nipples or areola. The most common concerns targeted are puffy nipple and inverted nipple.

    Nipple Reduction can reduce the height and width of the nipple, reshape the nipple into a more desirable form and treat size and shape asymmetries in the surrounding areola. All surgeries are able to preserve sensation, and aim to restore a more balanced, pleasing chest appearance.

    Nipple Reduction can be carried out on its own under local anaesthesia or in combination with other procedures under general anaesthesia, such as breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation or mummy makeovers.

    During your initial consultation with one of our skilled surgeons, you will be able to communicate your aesthetic concerns and go over the different surgical options available to you.

    Whatever your requirements, the Cadogan Clinic can provide the leading breast experts and techniques for your treatment at our state-of-the-art facility in order to achieve your desired aesthetic and a better-proportioned nipple.

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