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How Does Sleep Iq Measure Heart Rate

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Sleep Number Mattresses May Diagnose Heart Attacks

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Sleep Number envisions a future where its mattresses can do a lot more than weigh in on how well you slept.

What if your mattress could diagnose your partner’s sleep apnea — or a heart attack?

Sleep Number is back at CES 2018 again this year, but this time they don’t have a new mattress on display. Instead, it’s all about imagining the future potential intersection of smart mattresses and health. Since Sleep Number’s smart mattresses already have a ton of built-in sensors, why couldn’t they alert you to an abnormal heart rate or sleep apnea at some point in the future? That’s the question Sleep Number is asking at CES this year.

Inside The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

The best part about the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is its customizability. That starts with the various configurations available for the bed itself. I tested the $3,800 king FlexTop P6 mattress, the $2,100 FlexFit 1 traditional base and two $850 DualTemp mattress pads. All together, that comes to $7,600.

Since we’re comparing the 360 bed to queen-size competitors from Beautyrest, Eight and Winkbed, I priced out the queen version of the bed I tested — it comes to $5,500.

Whether it’s a king or a queen bed, the 360 Smart Bed by Sleep Number, with optional accessories like the FlexFit 1 base and the DualTemp pads, is expensive. See how it stacks up against other connected beds in the chart below.

The Sleep Number Cooling Memory Foam

The m7 is the only Sleep Number bed that offers the hugging sensation of memory foam. If you and your sleep partner prefer a light memory-foam cradling, and if you cant agree on a firmness level, then the m7 may be a worthwhile, albeit expensive, option. However, the company doesnt divulge what, exactly, is in that foamy comfort portion, so we dont know how dense, and therefore durable, it is. The sinky-ness of the m7 is comparable to that of most online foam mattresses . It has a slight sinking sensation, but not the more-assertive curve-conforming feel of something like the Tempur-Adapt.

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New Data That Sleepiq Tech Now Collects

Earlier this year, Sleep Number announced its scientific advisory board, an interdisciplinary group of physicians, clinicians, and researchers with expertise in sleep science and health. Chaired by Eve Van Cauter, PhD, professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago, and working closely with chief product officer Bloomquist, the board is providing expert counsel to Sleep Number as it analyzes data to innovate new sleep health solutions. Early results of these efforts led to the development of several new sleep innovations.

Newly available on August 9, SleepIQ technology now also tracks an individuals nighttime heart rate variability , a measure of the variation of time between each heartbeat. Daytime HRV is heavily influenced by inputs from environment, emotions, and physical factors. By tracking HRV at night, most external factors are absent, providing a more accurate measure, Sleep Number states, adding that high HRV, for example, may indicate greater cardiovascular fitness and physical recovery ability. 360 smart bed sleepers will benefit from understanding how their nighttime heart rate variability impacts their activity level and energy each day, the company states.

Human immune function is profoundly modulated by sleep and circadian rhythms, says Van Cauter in a release. Studies strongly suggest that insufficient sleep, poor sleep quality or irregular day-to-day timing of sleep may adversely affect immunity.

What Does My Sleep Number Mean

Rethink How You Check Your Heart Rhythm

Sleep Number beds are made with air chambers that inflate/deflate based on ones desired level of support. A number ranging from 0 to 100 corresponds to a level of support in the mattress. The support that fits someone the best is their Sleep Number.

In general, the higher the number, the more air/firmer ones Sleep Number bed will be. And naturally, the lower the Sleep Number, the less air will be in the air chamber and the softer the bed will be.

Most Sleep Number beds come with something called DualAir technology that allows people to adjust their half of the bed to their Sleep Number setting while their partner can adjust his/her side. This way no one has to compromise on comfort.

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Why Should You Measure Hrv

HRV is a very effective way to measure your ANS balance. Generally, your ANS is in balance when HRV is high: your body is responsive to both systems and youre capable of adapting to different situations. When your HRV is low, it means that your body is recovering or responding to stress. Stress can either be physical or physiological. The more in balance your ANS is, the more variability you will see in the heart rate as the two systems take turns being active.

Image: graph shows the same person. First half in stress, second half in a focused, relaxed situation. Source: Wiki commons

As your body adapts, HRV fluctuates and it’s very common and expected to see occasional days of low HRV. However, if your HRV is low for more than a couple of days then that indicates that your body is under a lot of stress and needs to work harder for something. This makes HRV a great metric to spot the beginning of an illness before you feel any symptoms. If you have low HRV ranges for a couple of days, try to give your body some more rest and sleep, eat healthier, and avoid alcohol to slowly recover.

What We Think About Sleep Number Mattresses

In general, we think you can get a more comfortable mattress for a lot less. But if you insist on Sleep Numbers adjustability because you and your partner cant compromise on a firmness level, and you have a flexible budget, we think only the Performance Series and Innovation Series mattresses and the Cooling Memory Foam mattress are worth considering. The less expensive Classic Series mattresses and the Value Bed lines are just too thin for most people. If you like a plush mattress with good support, then you should spend more for the Innovation Series beds, which have thicker cushioning.

Beyond SleepIQ, Sleep Numbers marketing also touts technology that claims to help you fall asleep faster with a foot-warming feature. You can also theoretically control your partners snoring by raising the upper portion of their side of the bed. However, these features are available only with the companys adjustable bases , which cost between $1,200 and $2,400 for a queen.

Heres how the mattresses themselves compare to one another:

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What Is A Smart Mattress

Smart beds are mattresses designed with advanced technology to help users track and monitor their sleep to enjoy the most restful nights sleep possible. Every smart bed is different, but some common features integrated into the design of the best adjustable mattress options include:

  • Biometric monitoring and sleep tracking: Smart beds feature biometric sensors that collect data about your temperature, heart rate, breathing, and movement. This data is used to share information with users about their sleep quality. It can also be used to help individuals make adjustments to their routine to obtain an improved quantity and quality of sleep each night.

  • Environmental monitoring: Some smart beds also include sensors that monitor other aspects of your sleep environment, such as the amount of noise or light in the space and the ambient room temperature. Viewing this data can help sleepers identify additional changes that may be necessary to improve the quality of sleep they get each evening.

  • Adjustable firmness levels: One key feature of many smart beds is adjustable air chambers. These chambers enable individuals to customize how firm or soft the mattress feels to match their comfort levels. Because each side of the bed can be independently adjusted, partners with different firmness preferences can sleep comfortably on the same mattress.

The Sleep Number Innovation Series

Accuracy Test of Fitbit Inspire 2 vs Amazfit GTS 2e | Sleep Stages – Heart Rate – Resting HR

The Innovation Series is Sleep Numbers highest-end, plushest line. Although these mattresses arguably dont feel as plush as most foam or innerspring mattresses of similar price, the beds in this line actually feel like nice mattresses. If I were set on a Sleep Number mattress and could afford to do so, Id spend more for the Innovation lines added cushioning. But for someone like my husband, who just wants something adjustable and comfortable enough to sleep on, a less-expensive p6 would do just fine.

The i8 comes with 6 inches of foam and a temperature-balancing surface , and it felt pleasantly pillowy. The i10, with its additional inch of foam, was just a tad fluffier. Like the pSE from the companys Performance line, the iLE is not a typical fixture in-store, and it, too, has the ClimaTemp foam, described by the company as softer and more cooling.

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Rest Original Smart Bed With Rest Gelgrid

The ReST Original Smart Bed with GelGrid is another top choice for the best adjustable mattress. This technologically-advanced bed uses 2,000 biometric sensors to collect data on breathing, heart rate, and movement that users can view through the ReST app. This information enables individuals assess the quality of their sleep and identify factors that could be impacting their sleep each night.

This smart mattress features independently adjustable air chambers to allow couples to customize the firmness level of their side of the mattress. With the automatic real-time response feature, the firmness level of each air chamber will increase or decrease based on an individuals changing sleep positions. Additionally, each side of the mattresses offer five different ergonomic body zones for even greater personalization and tailoring to individual preferences.

ReSTs proprietary GelGrid is also integrated into this mattresss design. This 4-inch layer is designed to provide enhanced airflow while also adapting to each body and alleviating pressure points.

ReST mattresses include a 90-night sleep trial and a 10-year full warranty. The ReST Original Smart Bed with GelGrid is available in twin XL, queen, eastern kin, eastern king split top, split king, and California king sizes.

Now That Weve Discussed All The Need

  • You really like staying cool at night! Unlike traditional memory foam, the foam combination used in the Sleep Number 360® i10 has the temperature-regulating technology, and thus is a good option for people who get hot during the night, or simply love sleeping cold.
  • You sleep with a partner.The 360® i10 smart bed is versatile. Since it only comes in sizes Queen and above, its especially a good option for partners, since the bed will come with two air chambers and each side can be adjusted.
  • Youre a stomach sleeper. If you sleep on your stomach, the Sleep Number 360® i10 could be a good fit. The extra plush cushion helps support your abdomen, which is especially important given stomach sleeping can cause various aches and pains.

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Commercially Available Wearable Provides Valid Estimate Of Sleep Stages

Scott Burgett1,Robert Blair1, Darrell Lightfoot2, Catherine Siengsukon3, Adam Reetz1, Suzanne Stevens21Garmin International, 2Neurology, University of Kansas Health Systems, 3University of Kansas Medical Center


In thelast several years there has been an explosion of smart wearable devices thatare capable of measuring steps, activity, heart rate, and other biometric dataabout the wearer. An estimated 117 million smart wearables will be sold in 2019,with that number rising to 233 million in 2022 . Actigraphy has been the gold standard for manyyears to estimate sleep stages using wearables. Actigraphy uses accelerometerinformation to estimate wake/sleep periods of the user . Many modernwearables also measure heart rate and heart rate variability by using optical photoplethysmography. PPG uses light emitted into the skin to measure pulse rate by observingsmall changes in the intensity of the reflected light due to capillary blood volumechanges as the pulse pressure wave transits the sensor field of view. The useof actigraphy, heart rate, and heart rate variability together provides theopportunity to estimate more than just wake/sleep, such as light ,deep, and REM stages of sleep.


The neural network used in thecloud was an adaptation and simplification of the architecture of Zhao .Over 60 features were computed on the device. Seven more features were computedon the cloud over the entire nights data.


18.3% 18.3%

Figure 4.


Trial Period & Warranty

SleepIQ®: Heart Rate Variability â Sleep Number

Humans spend around one third of their lives in bed, so its imperative that youre satisfied with the mattress you buy. Most companies allow you to try their mattress risk-free for around 90 to 100 days. Then, if you dont like it, you can return it, or have it donated for a refund.

The warranty, by contrast, doesnt allow you to get a refund simply for not liking the bed. Rather, there has to be something wrong with it, like a manufacturer defect or excessive sagging over a set number of years. Most companies offer anywhere from a 10 to 20-year warranty, though there are brands that offer a lifetime warranty.

One thing to pay close attention to as you shop for smart mattresses: not all companies consider this new technology to be covered under warranty. Other companies will cover it, but only for a couple of years.

Learn More: How To Return a Mattress

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Who Is A Smart Mattress Best For

Anyone can enjoy the features smart mattresses offer. However, there are a few groups of people who may realize enhanced benefits from upgrading their traditional mattress:

  • Individuals suffering with back pain

  • Couples who have different preferences regarding the firmness of a mattress

  • People who are looking for a relief from insomnia

  • Individuals who snore sleeping in an inclined position ma reduce snoring frequency and intensity

  • Those who get too hot while sleeping overnight

  • People who would like to be able to evaluate their sleep quality each night

  • Individuals who enjoy testing out the latest technology and integrating the different devices in their homes

Owner Review Feedback For Sleep Number Mattresses

Sleep Number mattresses are typically purchased directly from Sleep Number, so thats where we found the majority of the online reviews. Out of the 34 good-quality negative user reviews we collected about the Classic Series , 10 contained complaints about issues related to a lack of cushioning. This included reviewers describing the mattress as too firm, too thin, bottoming out, or having poor pressure relief. Several reviewers pointed out that the c series is especially problematic for heavier-weight sleepers, and others noted the support felt better once they added a mattress topper.

For negative feedback on the Performance Series, we found far fewer complaints related specifically to the mattress thinness . But four out of 26 good-quality negative Innovation Series reviews noted that the mattresses were too firm or offered poor pressure relief. Perhaps this is to be expected, given that these users paid much more for their mattresses and therefore expected more. Three out of the six Cooling Memory Foam owners complained that their mattresses were either too thin, too firm, or lacked pressure relief.

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Sleep Number Unveils Low

The latest development in the internet of beds: an app that tells you exactly when and how to go to sleep. Sleep Number, which has made a variety of “smart” beds in recent years, announced the unfortunately named “it bed” at the Consumer Electronics Show today. It boasts a range of features for tracking and improving your sleep. If you’ve ever longed for a return to the days when a stern, remorseless adult would order you to bed, Sleep Number would like to have a word with you.

The it bed, styled in lowercase presumably to appeal to its target audience of millennials, includes the company’s “SleepIQ” technology, which uses biometric sensors inside the bed to measure your heart rate, breathing rate, and relative restfulness. It also now has its own API, which integrates with health and fitness apps. A companion smartphone app takes information from both sources to make personalized recommendations to you on when you should go to sleep and on which Sleep Number setting you should use during the night for maximum relaxation.

Making Sense Of Sleep Number

Polar Vantage M Science Test: Great Sleep and Heart Rate!

Sleep Number offers two lines of mattresses: the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line and the Sleep Number Value Bed line.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line consists of four series, most of which include several models:

From a design standpoint, Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds and Value Beds are similar to any other mattresses: Each contains an upper comfort portion made of foam layers and a lower support portion. Instead of the foam or springs found in the lower support portion of conventional mattresses, in Sleep Number mattresses, that support portion consists of an adjustable air chamber and a support pad. These air chambers make it possible for couples to independently adjust firmness levels to their own liking. Theres also a sleep tracker inside the bed.

Heres how the key components work:

The air chamber allows you to adjust the firmness level of the mattressyour sleep settingsby filling the chamber with more or less air. The settings range from 5 to 100 you can adjust them in increments of 5 using the SleepIQ app on your phone or tablet, or with a remote . With the 360 Smart Beds, the tissue-boxsized pump is incorporated into a base , which pairs with the mattress. If you dont purchase the base, the pump will sit on the floor.

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How To Improve Hrv

There are some hacks you can use to improve your HRV.

  • Quality sleep. Getting into deep sleep is a great way to increase your HRV. Try to sleep for 7-9 hours every night.

  • Deep breathing. You can get out of the fight or flight response by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. Do this by deep breathing for 10-20 minutes per day. It will help you take control of your body and stop the stress hormone.

  • Hydration. The body is about 60% water. It plays a critical role in performance and wellbeing. Try to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

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