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What Is The Normal Heart Rate For Pregnant Woman

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How To Stop Heart Palpitations During Pregnancy

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and my baby’s heartbeat isn’t normal. What should I do?

In most cases, heart palpitations will go away on their own without treatment. Palpations may resolve with lifestyle techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. Unless they are due to a more serious underlying condition, its likely your healthcare provider will not recommend treatment. In certain circumstances medication will be necessary after your first trimester. In more severe cases, a procedure called cardioversion can shock your heart back into rhythm. Work with your physician to determine the lowest risk to you and your pregnancy.

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This type of heart failure is extremely rare. In the United States, about 1,000 to 1,300 pregnant women will develop PPCM. According to the AHA, some symptoms include fatigue, heart racing or feeling like its skipping beats , shortness of breath with activity and when laying down, increased need to urinate at night, swelling of ankles and neck veins, and low blood pressure. While PPCM is considered rare, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says peripartum cardiomyopathy is the leading cause of maternal deaths, and contributes to 23% of maternal deaths in the late postpartum period.

Both Dr. Mudd and Dr. Trolice agree that optimal heart health during pregnancy is important for a healthy overall pregnancy.

Abnormal Fetal Heart Rate

Sometimes a fetal heart rate is outside the normal range simply because the fetus is moving around. Other times, it indicates a health concern for the baby. When the healthcare team detects a possible problem, their first step will be to try to find the cause.

Depending on the stage of pregnancy, different tests will be used to clarify the problem. Sometimes, a fetal heart rate is abnormal because of something happening in the mothers body. These are called maternal causes and may include:

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How Do Healthcare Providers Diagnose Heart Palpitations During Pregnancy

Your provider will ask about your symptoms and listen to your heart. To check for an underlying condition, they may recommend a blood test . This test looks for anemia, infections and vitamin deficiencies. It can also detect problems with your thyroid.

To monitor your heart rate and check for heart disease, they may do an electrocardiogram . This test measures your heart rate using sensors that attach to your skin. It usually takes about 15 minutes. Your provider may ask you to lie down. Or they might ask you to do light exercise during the test. It is safe to perform this test during pregnancy.

Many times, an EKG doesnt detect heart palpitations. You might not have an irregular heartbeat during the test. If this happens, your provider may recommend an ambulatory electrocardiogram such as a Holter monitor. You wear this device for up to two weeks as you go about your daily activities. It records your heart rate and stores the information for your provider to review.

What Is The Outlook For People With Heart Palpitations During Pregnancy

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Most people with heart palpitations during pregnancy dont require treatment. Palpitations usually go away after delivery. Diet and lifestyle changes, such as eating right and reducing stress, can help most pregnant people manage heart palpitations.

If you have a health condition thats causing palpitations, talk to your provider. You should work closely with them to develop a treatment plan that is effective and safe for you and your fetus.

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How Your Baby’s Heart Rate Changes

Though there are many words to describe the moment that you first hear your baby’s heartbeat, most people use words like galloping to describe how the heart rate sounds. While the heart rate in pregnancy is faster than an adult’s heart rate, the truth is that a normal fetal heart rate changes during the stages of pregnancy and throughout the day.

How Are Heart Rhythm Disorders Treated

Generally, treatment for a heart rhythm disorder may include:

A note from Cleveland Clinic

If youre relaxing after work and suddenly feel your heart racing, you might worry something is wrong. Or maybe youve noticed that a male friend always seems to have a lower resting heart rate than you.

Its normal for a woman or a person assigned female at birth to have a higher heart rate, and it seems hormones play a role. But if your heart rate is consistently above 100 beats per minute while youre resting, you should call your healthcare provider. Also, tell your provider if your heart rate is often below 60 beats per minute, especially if youre not extremely active in sports or exercise.

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Why Heart Rate Changes

During pregnancy, your resting heart rate will rise slightly as the months pass, because the heart is pumping more blood throughout the body than usual, according to G. Thomas Ruiz, MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California.

“As soon as a gets pregnant, hormones are flooding the body, and that causes the peripheral vascular system to relax, with corresponding compensation in plasma volume,” Dr. Ruiz says.

Basically, you have more “space” in your veins and arteries because hormones are prompting a relaxation response, he says, so your body tries to fill that space, and it requires more blood to be pumped out at a faster pace. But what you’ll likely feel as that happens isn’t a racing pulse, Dr. Ruiz says, but a sense of fatigue.

“This is one of the reasons many feel so tired, particularly in their first trimester as you’re trying to adjust to this change,” he says. “The pulse rate may be slight, but there’s a great deal going on, and it’s helpful to rest more often as your body adjusts to these shifts in function.”

Although the pulse rate increases because of pregnancy, it’s a very poor pregnancy test because the increase is slight. Also, the AHA says, your resting heart rate can change due to other factors, such as air temperature, body position, medication usage and even strong emotions.

Female Resting Heart Rate Chart: Average Bpm By Age

Normal Fetal Heart Rate During Pregnancy

Normal resting heart rate for women increases slightly with age, and is also generally a few BPM higher than the average for men.

The graphic above shows the average resting heart rate of female and male WHOOP members ages 20-50. As you can clearly see, women normally have a slightly higher RHR than men do .

There is also usually a minor increase in RHR with age between a persons 20s and 50s . The normal bpm for women in their 20s is about 58, but by their 40s its closer to 60.

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What Causes Low Blood Pressure

There are many possible reasons for low blood pressure, according to both Dr. Wong and Dr. Desai, including:

  • Heart problems like heart failure or low heart rates
  • Endocrine problems, such as parathyroid disease, adrenal insufficiency or hypoglycemia
  • Side effects of medications for high blood pressure, prostatic hypertrophy, Parkinsons disease, depression and erectile dysfunction
  • Massive weight loss
  • Rapid heart rate

How Early In Pregnancy Does Your Resting Heart Rate Increase

Heart Rate During Pregnancy My resting heart rate quickly increased by over an average of 15 bpm in my first trimester, and most women see these changes within the first 2-5 weeks of pregnancy.

Is pregnancy hard on your heart?

How does pregnancy affect the heart? Pregnancy stresses your heart and circulatory system. During pregnancy, your blood volume increases by 30 to 50 percent to nourish your growing baby, your heart pumps more blood each minute and your heart rate increases. Labor and delivery add to your hearts workload, too.

Is it normal to have a high heart rate during pregnancy?

A sudden increase in the heart rate during pregnancy should not be taken lightly. So read on to know more about it. Is It Normal to Have a High Heart Rate During Pregnancy? The normal heart rate of a healthy person is between 60 and 80 per minute. However, during pregnancy, it is quite common for this rate to go up to 100.

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Does High Blood Pressure Increase Heart Rate

Heart rate and blood pressure do not necessarily increase at the same rate. A rising heart rate does not cause your blood pressure to increase at the same rate. Even though your heart is beating more times a minute, healthy blood vessels dilate to allow more blood to flow through more easily. When you exercise, your heart speeds up so more blood can reach your muscles. It may be possible for your heart rate to double safely, while your blood pressure may respond by only increasing a modest amount.

How Is My Babys Heart Rate Is Listened To And Monitored

What Is a Normal Heart Rate?

Your babys heartbeat can be listened to in a number of different ways, either at regular intervals or continuously .

Intermittent auscultation – is where your babys heart beat is listened to at regular intervals with either a pinard or a small hand-held ultrasound device called a Doptone. If you are healthy and have had a trouble free pregnancy this is the recommended way of listening to your babys heartbeat during labour. When pregnancy and labour are uncomplicated, research has now shown that the use of continuous Electronic fetal monitoring does not improve the outcome for the baby.Midwives and doctors listen to your babys heartbeat over a full minute, every 15 minutes once your labour is established and then more frequently as you get nearer the birth.

Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring – is where your babys heart beat is listened to continuously using a machine that produces a paper printout called a cardiotocograph . The EFM machine works by having two pads each about the size of a drinks coaster, held in place on your abdomen with two elastic belts. One is placed towards the top of your abdomen, so that is lies over the upper end of your womb to pick up your contractions the second one will be positioned on your abdomen, over the area where your babys heartbeat can be heard best.

Which method will be used?

EFM will also be recommended in the following circumstances:

What are the benefits and risks?

Do I have a choice on the type of monitoring?

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How To Lower A High Heart Rate During Pregnancy

In the past, healthcare providers used to recommend keeping your heart rate below 140 during pregnancyeven when exercising. Today, those limits arent typically used. In general, you dont need to measure or monitor your heart rate during pregnancy. That can be done during prenatal visits. If your provider notices that your heart rate increases more than 20 beats per minute over your pre-pregnancy heart rate, your physician may want you to take steps to bring it down by:

  • Exercising regularly, with low impact activities like swimming or walking
  • Eating a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, and lean protein adding up to 2,200 to 2,900 calories a daythat includes limiting caffeine
  • Getting regular prenatal care to make sure no health issues are missed
  • Using relaxation techniques and meditation to manage stress
  • Seeking treatment for anxiety or depression

If your heart rate increases, dont hesitate to talk to your provider for help.

Normal Fetal Heart Rate During Pregnancy

Brian Levine, MD, MS, is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Verywell / Brianna Gilmartin

How do you know if your babys heart rate is normal? This is a question that you probably have from the first time you hear your babys heartbeat. What you hear might really surprise you. Most people are not prepared for how quickly a babys heart beats in pregnancy.

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Listening To Your Baby’s Heartbeat

A major part of midwifery care during labour is listening to and recording your babys heartbeat to help identify if there are any problems.

Most babies come through labour without any problems, but there are a few babies who run into difficulties. The best way of finding out which babies are having trouble is to listen to every babys heartbeat regularly throughout labour.

Tips For Tracking Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

What’s the target heart rate for pregnancy workouts?

There are ways to track your blood pressure between doctor visits.

You can buy a blood pressure monitor from a pharmacy or online medical goods store. Many of these devices will go on your wrist or upper arm. To check the monitors accuracy, take it to your doctors office and compare the readings on the monitor to those from your doctor.

Visit a grocery store, pharmacy, or other store that has a machine that takes blood pressure readings.

For the most accurate readings, take your blood pressure at the same time every day. Take it while seated with your legs uncrossed. Use the same arm each time.

Notify your doctor immediately if you have repeated high blood pressure readings that are four hours apart or symptoms of high blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure during pregnancy, there can be complications.

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Symptoms Of Fast Heartbeat While Pregnant

You may experience the following symptoms if you have an increased heart rate during pregnancy.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best that you bring it to your doctors notice so that she can check whether these symptoms are normal or not.

What Heart Rate Is Too High For Pregnancy

If you exercised regularly before pregnancy, theres no need to focus on your heart rate for exercise during pregnancy. Years ago, some experts recommended a heart rate of no more than 140 beats a minute for exercise during pregnancy. Today, however, heart rate limits arent typically imposed during pregnancy.

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External Fetal Heart Monitoring

This method uses a device to listen to and record your babys heartbeatthrough your belly . One type of monitor is a Doppler ultrasounddevice. Its often used during prenatal visits to count the babys heartrate. It may also be used to check the fetal heart rate during labor. Thehealthcare provider may also check your babys heart rate continuouslyduring labor and birth. To do this, the ultrasound probe isfastened to your belly. It sends the sounds of your babys heart to acomputer. The rate and pattern of your babys heart rate are shown on ascreen and printed on paper.

Normal Heart Rate Of Pregnant Woman

Poonapalooza: The post about a broken body, my resting heart rate and a ...

Normal Heart Rate Of Pregnant Woman. With vigorous or high activity , the count will be slightly different. Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, the average is 110 to 160 bpm.

Last 10 weeks of pregnancy: Among people who wear whoop, the average resting heart rate for women is 58.8 bpm. The upper limit of the heart rate is.


After 13 weeks gestation, it. Among people who wear whoop, the average resting heart rate for women is 58.8 bpm.


With vigorous or high activity , the count will be slightly different. By the beginning of the ninth week of pregnancy, the normal fetal heart rate is an average of 170 bpm, up from about 110 at 5 weeks gestation.


With vigorous or high activity , the count will be slightly different. The upper limit of the heart rate is.


Last 10 weeks of pregnancy: With vigorous or high activity , the count will be slightly different.


The average rate during exercise is 70% of the maximum heart rate. Among people who wear whoop, the average resting heart rate for women is 58.8 bpm.


The average rate during exercise is 70% of the maximum heart rate. Among people who wear whoop, the average resting heart rate for women is 58.8 bpm.


Last 10 weeks of pregnancy: Hence, the normal heart rate for pregnant women is.

Source: www.researchgate.netSource:

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