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Maximum Heart Rate Calculator Age Weight

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Estimate Maximum Heart Rate With A Maximum Heart Rate Formula

Heart Rate Maximum Estimation

The easiest way to calculate maximum heart rate is to use the formula to estimate it. It is also the safest approach which is perfect for beginners.

There are many studies on maximum heart rate formulas. Most popular of them are:

  • most common and widely used maximum heart rate formula
  • more precise formula, adjusted for people over the age of 40
  • slightly more precise formula, adjusted for generally active people

Unfortunately, neither of above-mentioned formulas are gender-adjusted. Generally women tend to have a 5-to-10-beat higher maximum HR than men, so that is additional something to account for.

If youre new to this, its better to check several formulas and choose a middle ground. Personally, I found formula adjusted for active people to be almost spot on among people I trained with:

Maximum Heart Rate = 211 0.64 x Age

Keep in mind that these formulas focus on the theoretical maximum heart rate. The actual maximum heart rate that an athlete can reach will vary across different sports.

For example, running involves more muscles than cycling and overall maximum heart rate tends to be a little higher. At the same time, maximum heart rate while swimming is lower due to a cooler environment and using mostly upper body muscles which are smaller in size.

Therefore, its important to calculate Max HR for a specific sport to be able to set up training zones correctly.

Find Your Exact Maximum Heart Rate

Our research shows that the variation in maximum heart rate within age groups is fairly large. Genetics contribute more to maximum heart rate than physical fitness. Therefore, it’s hard to make a calculator that can estimate maximum heart rate precisely, and we recommend all of you who want to find your real HRmax to test yourself by pushing yourself to exhaustion:

  • Warm up thoroughly so you start sweating.
  • Do two intervals, each four minutes long. During the intervals you should be too short of breath to talk. Intersperse each interval with three minutes of active rest.
  • Start the third interval, but two minutes in, increase your speed even further an run until you’re too exhausted to continue. Your HRmax will be the highest heart rate you reach. The heart will reach a plateau at which it cannot beat any faster, regardless of how much you increase the workload.
  • If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, you can measure the maximum heart rate by holding two fingers to your neck for 30 seconds right after finishing the test. Double the number you get to find your HRmax.

    Example Calculation For A Person Aged 2:

    • HRmax by Tanaka, Monahan, & Seals formula = 188 bpm

    • HRmax by Haskell & Fox formula = 192 bpm

    • HRmax by Robergs & Landwehr formula = 187 bpm

    • Men HRmax by Gellish formula = 189 bpm

    • Women HRmax by Gellish formula = 185 bpm

    • a formula often attributed to Londeree & Moeschberger from the University of Missouri = 186 bpm

    • a formula often attributed to Miller from Indiana University = 193 bpm

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    Heart Rate Zones Based On Mhr :

    According to the basic target heart rate zone definition, If you know about your maximum heart rate, then you can account heart zone training to gear your workout to the correct intensity. Experts depict that your Max Heart Rate is as fast as your heart can beat. Remember that this varies for each person, but generally the age is used as a guide for what your Max heart rate is likely to be.

    What Is The Ideal Heart Rate When Running

    Target heart rate, Heart rate, Heart rate training

    Running and different other cardiovascular exercises increase a persons heart rate. The ideal heart rate zone for individuals to train in depends on their fitness level, age, and current activity levels, also whether or not they prone to any medical conditions.

    Heart rate is a good indicator of how far an individual is pushing themselves during exercise. A low heart rate during exercise may refer that an individual could increase the intensity of that activity, while a heart rate that is too high can be dangerous. So, calculate your ideal heart rate for your age with the help of our max heart rate calculator.

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    How Do I Calculate Fat

    This average heart rate calculator helps you to estimates your target heart rate for weight loss by using different methods it shows calculations corresponding to the given inputs.

    Your heart rate is the value that can helps you to measure the intensity of your exercise. As we discussed earlier, for most individuals, the heart beats between 60 and 100 times per minute while at rest. Experts revealed that the harder you exercise, the more your heart rate increase.

    Remember that when it comes to training in the fat-burning heart rate zone, instead of using basic sugars and carbohydrates your body taps into fat stores by this it leads to fat loss.

    Different other heart rate zones are:

    • resting heart rate
    • target heart rate
    • maximum heart rate

    Optimistic studies found that your fat burning heart rate is at about 70% of your MHR .

    For instance, a 37-year-old mans heart rate is 220 37 or 183 bpm .

    So, to enter the fat-burning zone, hed want his heart rate to be 70% of 183 that is about 128 beats per minute.

    You have found out how to calculate fat burning zone, but do you really need to lose weight? Check our BMI or ideal weight calculators to find it out.

    Thankfully, you got an idea about how to calculate fat burning zone, but for optimal health goals, you should beware of your BMI or Ideal Body Weight.

    Calculation Of Heart Rates

    There are several formulas and methods that are used to calculatecardio heart rate.

    Resting heart rate: It can be calculated easily by placing 3 fingers on the vein of either hand or neck and measure the beats for 30 seconds. After measuring beats for 30 seconds multiply it by 2 it will be your resting heart rate.

    To calculate maximum heart rate there is a simple empirical formula which is: 220-age

    However, this formula is simple and easy to understand but is not that precise as much as other formulas like:

    Calculation of MHR according to SALLY EDWARDS:

    Men: Maximum heart rate = 214 – 0.5 × age – 0.11 × bodyweight in kg Women: Maximum heart rate = 210 – 0.5 × age – 0.11 × bodyweight in kg

    This formula takes age, body weight, and gender into account to calculate the max heart rate.

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    How Is It Diagnosed And Treated

    To determine whats causing your symptoms, a doctor will take a careful medical history and give you a physical examination. If the doctor suspects an acute coronary syndrome, the following tests will be performed:

    • A blood test can show evidence that heart cells are dying.
    • An electrocardiogram can diagnose an acute coronary syndrome by measuring the hearts electrical activity.

    If tests confirm blood flow to the heart has been blocked, doctors will work quickly to reopen the artery. Minute by minute, the heart is accumulating irreversible damage. So time is myocardium myocardium being the heart muscle itself, Bolger said.

    At San Francisco General Hospital, the goal is to have the artery reopened within an hour of the patient entering the hospital, Bolger said. Generally, patients do best when the artery is reopened within four hours of the first symptoms.

    Treatment for acute coronary syndrome includes medicines and a procedure known as angioplasty, during which doctors inflate a small balloon to open the artery. View an illustration of coronary arteries.

    A stent, a wire mesh tube, may be permanently placed in the artery to keep it open. For hospitals not equipped to do angioplasty quickly, drugs may be used to dissolve blood clots, but more hospitals are making the procedure available in a timely manner, Bolger said.

    What Should My Heart Rate Be While Working Out

    Heart Rate Calculations for Health Fitness Professionals

    Experts suggested that an individual should exercise within 55% to 88% of your maximum heart rate for at least 20-30 minutes to get the best outcomes from aerobic exercise. As mentioned earlier that MHR , said to be the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity. Also, try a heart rate calculator or look at the target heart rate chart to know your MHR or THR or ideal heart rate.

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    Have You Calculated Your Fat

    Calculating your target heart rate helps determine the right intensity for your physical activities, maximizing the results, and attaining your fitness and weight loss goals.

    Exercising in the fat-burning zone helps maximize the results of your slow aerobic exercise.

    To speed up shedding pounds, mix it up with vigorous activity exercises each week and other healthy habits like eating balanced meals.

    How To Use This Target Heart Rate Calculator:

    This calculator for heart rate zones is 100% free and packed with user-friendly interface, you can easily perform your heart rate calculations with this significant tool: Read on, what you can do with this heart zones calculator:

    Calculate Target Heart Rate By :


    • First of all, you just need to select the Basic by Age option form the designated box of this tool
    • Now, choose the MHR or maximum heart rate formula by which you want to performs heart rate calculations
    • Now, simply enter your age in years
    • Then, add the value for your preferred exercise intensity level
    • Finally, choose your intensity training goal it can either be burn fat, Sat fit, Train for max performance


    Once done, click on the calculate button, this heart rate training zone calculator shows:

    • Target Heart Rate at your desired effort
    • The ideal Heart Rate corresponding to the selected method
    • Maximum Heart Rate corresponding to the selected formula for MHR
    • Heart Rate Training Zone Chart
    • Heart Rate Zone Training Chart

    Calculate Target Heart Rate Depends on Medically-based Karvonen Method by Age & RHR:



    Once you added the values into the input parameters, simply hit the calculate button, this calculator will generate:

    • Heart Rate Reserve
    • Heart Rate Zone Training Chart
    • Heart Rate Zone Training Chart

    Calculate Target Heart Rate Depends on Medically-based Karvonen Method by MHR & RHR:



    • Heart Rate Reserve
    • Heart Rate Zone Training Chart
    • Heart Rate Zone Training Chart

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    Higher Maximum Heart Rate With Lower Fitness

    Healthy non-athletes almost reach their true maximum heart rate during an all-out test of maximum oxygen uptake. In our research, we usually add five heart beats to the highest heart rate achieved during a cardiopulmonary exercise test, but according to our new results that is three beats too many. The study also indicates that women and men have similar maximum heart rates, and that persons with below-average fitness generally have higher maximum heart rates than fitter persons.

    The study includes 107 men and women between 22 and 70 years of age. They all had their maximum oxygen uptake tested at our lab, and then performed a standardized maximum heart rate test a few days later. The results show that the real maximum heart rate was 2.2 beats higher per minute than the maximum heart rate achieved during the test of oxygen uptake.

    After: Refuel Your Tank

    Target Heart Rate

    After your workout, Ms. Platt recommends refueling with:

    • Fluids. Drink water, of course. Blend your water with 100% juice such as orange juice which provides fluids, carbohydrates.
    • Carbohydrates. You burn a lot of carbohydrates the main fuel for your muscles when you exercise. In the 20-60 minutes after your workout, your muscles can store carbohydrates and protein as energy and help in recovery.
    • Protein. Eat things with protein to help repair and grow your muscles.

    Its important to realize that these are general guidelines. We have different digestive systems and a lot depends on what kind of workout youre doing, Platt said.So do what works best for you. Know that what you put in your body is as important as you what you do with your body . Both are crucial to keeping your engine performing at its best.

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    Target Heart Rate Calculator

    Target Heart Rate range values are often calculated to ensure exercise intensity is maintained at a desired level. This calculator automatically calculates THR ranges.

    The Karvonen formula is often used for this purpose and calculates results as a function of heart rate reserve and maximum heart rate .

    • HRR = HRmax – HR restWhere HRrest is the resting HR of the individual

    HRmax may be calculated by a maximal exercise test or by using an age predicted formula.

    There are two formulae currently favoured:

  • HRmax = 220 age
  • HRmax = 206.9 (reported to be more accurate
  • Target HR range is calculated as follows:

    Target HRmax is caluclated as follows:

    For example, if calculating THRR for a 45 year old with a resting HR of 72bpm, whereby training intensity is 40-59%:

  • THHR = 103 * 0.4 + 72 = 113.2 bpm and 103 * 0.59 + 72 = 132.77 bpm
  • THHR = 113 133bpm
  • Medications such as beta blockers directly impact upon an individuals heart rate. For this reason, alternative measures of exercise intensity may be more appropriate. Please refer to the exercise sections of this website before prescribing target heart rates to patients.

    Persons’ Details

    Calculate Your Average Resting Heart Rate

  • Find your pulse with your fingers, not your thumb, while lying in bed before you get up in the morning.
  • Count your pulse for 15 seconds and multiply by four, or 30 seconds and multiply by two. Example: If you count 32 beats in 30 seconds, your resting heart rate is 64 BPM .
  • Record your heart rate for five days.
  • Add the five days’ resting heart rates together and divide by five to find your average resting heart rate.
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    Heart Rate Zone Calculator

    Physical activity and the prevention of coronary heart diseaseAge-Predicted Maximal Heart Rate in Recreational Marathon Runners: A Cross-Sectional Study on Fox’s and Tanaka’s EquationsAge-predicted maximal heart rate in healthy subjects: The HUNT fitness studyPredicting a target exercise heart rate that reflects the anaerobic threshold in nonbeta-blocked hemodialysis patients: The Karvonen and heart rate reserve formulas. ,The effects of training on heart rate a longitudinal studyNormal cardiopulmonary responses during incremental exercise in 20- to 70-yr-old menLongitudinal modeling of the relationship between age and maximal heart rate

    The heart rate zone calculator finds your five HR zones, which can be used to estimate the intensity of your training. In the article below, you will find information about all the heart rate training zones and a guide on how to measure resting heart rate. You will also get to know the Karvonen formula, which we use to determine target heart rate training zones.

    We try our best to make our Omni Calculators as precise and reliable as possible. However, this tool can never replace professional medical advice. If you are concerned about your health, please consult a physician.

    What Is Maximum Heart Rate

    How to Calculate Maximum Heart Rate

    Maximum Heart Rate is the amount of beats a heart makes in a minute under maximum stress.

    Max HR is used as a benchmark for maximum output the athletes body can produce. Knowing that number enables the athlete and his coach to structure the training process around specific training intensities or training zones.

    Maximum heart rate can vary significantly from person to person. In fact, high or low Max HR is neither good nor bad. Its just what a person is born with.

    Instead, using it as a reference to build a structured training plan focused on specific exercise intensities is what makes all the difference.

    All 5 of the training zones are defined as a percentage of maximum heart rate. Which is why its critical to determine maximum heart rate that is accurate to achieve desired results from training.

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    Search For Cardiologists Near You And Schedule Your Next Appointment Today

    Have you ever felt your heart beating quickly during a workout and stopped to check your pulse on your wrist or neck? Your pulse determines your heart rate, or how many times your heart beats in one minute. Pulse rates differ from person to person based on various factors, such as weight and activity level. To get the best results, you should exercise below your maximum heart rate in what is referred to as your target heart rate this will guarantee that you are achieving the ideal intensity level for your goals. Knowing and monitoring your maximum heart rate while you’re active can be a powerful gauge of your intensity level and help you to avoid over- or underexercising.

    Heart Rate by Age

    The traditional method, also known as HRmax, is a simple way of gauging your maximum heart rate. Start by subtracting your age from 220. Then, use the result to calculate your range.

    For example, if you’re 50 years old, the calculation would be: 220 – 50 = 170 . To calculate your heart rate on the high end of the suitable range , multiply 170 by 0.75 to get about 128 beats per minute .

    Heart Rate by Age and Gender

    Heart Rate by Age and Resting Heart Rate

    For example, a 50-year-old with a resting heart rate of 65 would calculate as follows:

    • 220 – 50 = 170 for HRmax
    • 170 – 65 = 105 for RHR
    • + 65 = about 144 bpm


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