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Are Cramps As Painful As Heart Attacks

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Doctors Have Finally Confirmed What Women Have Been Saying For

Doctors Rule Menstrual Cramps Can Be As Painful As Heart Attacks

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For years, weve suffered! Missed work, missed school, missed LIFE for anywhere between 3-10 days a fucking month. Weve told you this shit hurts. Weve explained that its not FINE, its not MILD, its not BEARABLE. Period cramps can be absolutely debilitating. I mean, its nice for people to finally realize this and validate our suffering? But I feel like we couldve sorted this out years ago, if medical professionals would have just listened.

I once saw a young woman having a heart attack in the ED. She described the pain as like period pain but in her chest.

Heart Attack Symptoms Vary Widely

Dr. Rimmerman emphasizes that the symptoms of heart attack or angina can vary greatly from person to person. Some people experience no symptoms at all. Others experience crushing chest pain. Others may feel only arm, throat or jaw discomfort.

But the discomfort is usually unrelenting, typically lasting five minutes or more.

Regardless of where the pain is, people typically cant find a position that relieves the pain, Dr. Rimmerman says. Nor do they find relief by taking a drink of water, popping antacids or taking deep breaths.

And that means its time to call 911.

Period Pain As Painful As A Heart Attacks

Period pain is as painful as a Heart Attack, Says an Expert!

People who suffer from heart attacks experience mild pain. Whereas 40% of women do not experience any pain while having a heart attack.

Menstrual cramps, on the other hand, affect 80 percent of women at some point. The uterus contracts during menstruation to assist evacuate its lining.

Prostaglandins are chemicals that assist the uterus in contracting and relaxing, allowing the lining to separate and flow out of the body.

The production of prostaglandins is required for uterine contraction. The uterus contracts more strongly when prostaglandin levels are higher. As a result, the uteruss blood flow is temporarily interrupted, depriving the uterus muscle of oxygen and producing severe monthly cramps and suffering.

According to gynecologists, the cramps are more comparable to labor pain.

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What Makes You Worry That Chest Pain Is Serious Like A Heart Attack

When is chest pain serious? That dull burning feeling in your chest doesn’t seem to be going away, and even feels like it is getting worse. Is it a heart attack, or something else?

It’s a vexing question, one that millions of people and their doctors face each year. What’s the problem? Chest pain can stem from dozens of conditions besides heart attack, from pancreatitis to pneumonia or panic attack.

Millions of Americans with chest pain are seen in hospital emergency departments every year. Only 20% of them are diagnosed with a heart attack or an episode of unstable angina, a warning sign that a heart attack may happen soon. A few have another potentially life-threatening problem, such as pulmonary embolism or aortic dissection . Some are experiencing “regular” angina, which occurs when part of the heart isn’t getting as much oxygen-rich blood as it needs during periods of physical exertion or emotional stress. Most of them, though, had a condition unrelated to the heart or arteries.

The other tricky problem with heart attacks is that different people experience them in different ways. Some have classic chest pain. Others have jaw pain or back pain. Still others become breathless, or extremely fatigued, or nauseated.

Can Guys Tell When Your On Your Period

FACT CHECK: Doctors Are Now Saying Menstrual Cramps Are as Painful

A recent study in the journal Ethology reveals that men can detect from a womans voice whether she is menstruating. Psychologists Nathan Pipitone from Adams State College and Gordon Gallup from SUNY Albany recorded 10 women counting from one to five, at four different points in their menstrual cycles.

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A Recent Article In Marie Claire Cited A Professor Of Reproductive Health At University College London John Guillebaud For His Statements On Period Pain

According to the story, he told Quartz that patients have described the cramping pain as almost as bad as having a heart attack. About 1 in 5 women have dysmenorrhea, or painful periods, according to the writer of the article. She notes that every month she spent hours lying on the floor, unable to move, and literally crying out in agony with pain worse than a slipped disc. Some conditions, such as endometriosis, are known to cause extremely painful periods.

Take Special Care With Coronary Heart Disease

According to the heart specialist, the so-called Coronary heart disease is almost always a heart attack. In CHD the coronary arteries, which supply the heart with blood become narrow. Fat and calcium deposits clog it, increasingly, the vessels, until it comes to the closure. The best protection against a heart attack is, and remains, a healthy lifestyle, advises the chief doctor. In addition, older persons should need to have regular heart check out and the screening exercise. If a CHD is detected and treated early, could prevent a heart attack in many cases.

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More On Heart Attacks

The pain of period cramps is equivalent to heart attack #periodspain #menstrualpain #heartattack

If the blood flow blockage is severe, doctors may even recommend surgery to clear the blockage or reroute the blood flow around it.

Dr Pradhan has emphasised the need to get your symptoms looked at if you’re concerned.

He added: “The longer you wait, the harder it is to treat.”

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Can Guys Have Periods

Guys dont have periods because they dont have a uterus, but their bodies develop and change too the changes are just different. For example: their voice changes and they develop hair on their face and other parts of their bodies. So, although guys dont get periods, their bodies do go through changes too.

Male Professor Likens Period Cramps To Heart Attacks

Period Cramps can be almost as painful as a heart attack according to a professor of reproductive health confirming what woman already knew forever.

Professor John Guillebaud form University College London is calling for more research to treat menstrual pain, which affects 20% of women every month. Doctors confirmed there have been few studies done and the lack of understanding means some women arent diagnosed with more serious conditions like endometriosis a disorder which causes severe pain during menstruation.

Some countries, including India, Zambia and Italy allow women to take menstrual leave and have time off to recover during their monthly cycle. In light of all this, women are taking to the Internet to join doctors in demanding people take their pain seriously.

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How Do I Know Whats Causing Them

If you have very painful menstrual cramps or cramps that last longer than two or three days, make an appointment with your healthcare provider.

Theyll likely start by reviewing your medical history and performing a physical exam, including a pelvic exam. They may also give you a Pap test.

Depending on your other symptoms, they may recommend additional tests, including:

  • an ultrasound to check the size and thickness of your uterus as well as detect fibroids or cysts
  • a CT scan, which can provide a detailed view of your reproductive organs
  • gynecologic laparoscopy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, to confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis

Severe menstrual cramps are typically hard to treat on your own, but these tips may help while you work with your healthcare provider to narrow down an underlying cause:

  • Get regular exercise. Results of a

Doctors Say Period Cramps Are As Painful As A Heart Attack And Women Are Reacting In The Best Way Possible

Doctors Are Now Saying That Menstrual Cramps Can Be as Painful as ...

byLex Gabrielle

If youre a woman who goes through the harrowing realities of bleeding for a week-a week and a half every single monthâyou know its no day at the damn beach. Yes, while having your period is a universal norm for women everywhere, its also true that some women suffer from debilitating period cramps. When I was younger, my cramps were so bad that on the first few days of my cycle, I couldnt leave my bed or my heating padâthe struggle was real. But, you know how society is when it comes to women and painâits never that bad and were just being babies. Now, one doctor is saying that period cramps can be as painful as a heart attackâand every woman is like duh. For years, some women have suffered from such pain, without any true form of research, prevention, or aid into the problem. After the doctor had published the statement, many people on the Internet reaction accordingly.

And it only took 100,000 years for men to admit we werenât making it up about painful periods

Dr. Dina McMillan

Which is why women should have birth control accessible to them, which is used to manage the pain. Also: WE ALREADY KNEW THIS ?

Phillipa Soo

After millions of years of human menstruation, doctors finally conclude that period cramps can be as painful as a heart attack. Said every person with a uterus ever:


I saw doctors ruled period cramps as painful as a heart attack and I just wanna say bout fucking time.


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Existing Treatments And The Lack Of Research

Despite the sheer number of women who suffer from severe cramps, the existing treatments are limited. For both endometriosis and dysmenorrhea, patients can dull the symptoms by taking painkillers like ibuprofen, using the pill as contraception, which tends to reduce the flow of the period, or inserting an intrauterine system such as a Mirena.

If endometriosis is causing infertility problems, patients can have surgery to move the extra tissuethough it may well come back again. Symptoms vary hugely from patient to patient, and if less invasive treatments offer no relief, a hysterectomy is another option. Thats far too over-the-top for lots of women, says Guillebaud. But its there at the end as a last resort and some people actually have to have that done. But even a hysterectomy isnt a complete cure, and the pain can persist.

As endometriosis can impair fertility, there is more research on this than on primary dysmenorrhea . For both conditions, doctors are unclear about the triggers, best possible treatments, and why it affects some women but not others.

Legros experience is instructive. Thanks to a previous grant, he and his fellow researchers found that sildenafil can be used to treat dysmenorrhea. We published our results in a high-impact OB-GYN journal and we feel we made a major contribution to treatment that everyday practitioners could use, he says.

Why Hesitate To Older Individuals With The Distress Call

Heart attack symptoms in older persons, especially in women, often non-specific. Many heart attack deaths in women could be avoided would be interpreted the heart-attack symptoms-and so valuable time won, emphasized Professor Dr. med. Christiane Tiefenbacher, chief doctor of the cardiology Department at the Marien-Hospital, Wesel, in a press release. In particular, the sometimes lack of a strong pain in the chest distract often from the fact that it is a heart attack. To compound the problem, older women live more often alone and in an emergency, no one dare to the rescue for you to call.

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Doctors Acknowledge Period Pain As Painful As A Heart Attack

patients were the ones who likened their menstrual cramps to a heart attack but also shitty that a womans word isnt truly enough nje nje when describing the kind of pain she is in when experiencing cramps Nguni looking mixed raced speaking February 27, reported to Quartz that some patients describe menstrual pain as almost as bad as having a heart attack. Though I have never had a heart attack, Tell everyone you meet, 2017, wrote that the comparison between heart attacks and period cramps doesnt really work, this sounds about right, The national health service confirms this theory, Dr, John Guillebaud, or Dysmenorrhea as its technically called, which just about any woman couldve told you, and A recent article in Marie Claire cited a professor of reproductive health at University College London, for his statements on period pain, Professor of reproductive health at University College London, Be Ignored, Its estimated that 9 out of 10 women suffer from menstrual cramps, Professor of reproductive health at University College London, Dr Gunter wrote in her blog post, Scream it to the heavens

While Others Pointed Out Some Of The Larger Implications Of The Whole Thing:

Period cramps can be more painful than heart attacks.

People who menstruate are not getting the diagnoses or treatment they need for other conditions because of our cultures unwillingness to acknowledge that period pain is real. That is so very much not OK. And it needs to change.

You know what might help that change along? Donating time, money, or skills to organizations that fight for reproductive health. And, if youre a health care provider: Listening to your patients. Dont just brush off our concerns. Listen when we tell you what were experiencing.

Listening can go a long way towards helping.

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When Chest Pains Are Serious

Unlike an achy knee or crabby lower back, chest pain isn’t something to shrug off until tomorrow. It also isn’t something to diagnose at home. Don’t play doctor go see one, fast, if you are worried about pain or discomfort in your chest, upper back, left arm, or jaw or suddenly faint or develop a cold sweat, nausea, or vomiting. Call 911 or your local emergency number to summon an emergency medical crew. It will whisk you to the hospital in a vehicle full of equipment that can start the diagnosis and keep you stable if your heart really is in trouble.

There are oh-so-many reasons to delay calling for help.

  • I’m too young .
  • I’m in great shape .
  • I have a family to take care of .
  • I don’t want to bother anyone .

Are Leg Cramps A Sign Of Heart Attack

Muscle cramps are periods of sudden, short lasting, painful and involuntary contraction of a single muscle or a group of muscles. These cramps can occur either at day or at night. These mostly occur during intense physical activity but may also occur at rest.

When we use our muscle voluntarily, they work rhythmically by contracting and relaxing but when a muscle cramp occurs, this synchronicity is lost and the muscle suddenly contracts and sustains this for certain amount of time up to a few minutes or seconds. Then the muscle relaxes on its own. Muscle cramps can occur in any muscles that we control voluntarily. These are mostly seen in the muscles of legs and feet.

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Pukka Womankind Capsules And Tea

These contain shatavari and turmeric, says medical herbalist Katie Pande. Shatavari helps to balance levels of the sex hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone, which can help alleviate period cramps while turmeric has anti-inflammatory activity and can stimulate circulation, encouraging effective blood flow and easing pre-menstrual and menstrual pain. It can also support the liver, helping it to break down and get rid of excess hormones that can contribute to problems such as PMS.

Pukka womankind 20 tea sachets


Nhs Doctor Admits Periods Cramps Can Be As Painful As A Heart Attack And Giving Birth

Keele research to identify early signs of stroke and heart attacks ...

Periods can be very painful for many women and we have long been told it’s a part of life. Now, one doctor has spoken out and said that our pain can actually be as bad as a heart attack and giving birth.

  • 16:47, 25 MAR 2022

Millions of women across the globe suffer with painful periods with many putting it down to just being a part of life. After all, we’ve all been told it’s just part of growing up and becoming a woman, right?

More and more people are coming out to talk about the painful issue and it seems that we may have been in more pain than originally thought as according to one doctor, periods can be just as painful as giving birth and a heart attack.

Taking to the stage, comedian Sasheer Zamat, spoke about what women have to endure each month and whilst taking a light-hearted approach to the shocking fact, what she was saying wasn’t a lie and it has shocked a lot of people.

In the video, she says: “Doctors are now saying that the pain we feel when we experience period cramps is the equivalent to the way we feel when we have a heart attack.

“So we’ve just been enduring this pain for years and just going to work because we’re trained that way.”

She goes on to joke: “I think these tampon commercials are detrimental. They’re always like ‘Oh you’re on your period? Don’t let that stop you, girl. Get out there, go surfing, go play a sport, get on a horse.’

The video has circulated on social media for a while and people still can’t get enough of it.

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