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Orange Theory Heart Rate Zones

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Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitors

What is Orangetheory Fitness?

The OrangeTheory workout is trending and many are loving it.

With this workout plan, you dont just burn calories while working out. Your body continues to burn calories for up to 24-36 hours after working out.

Who doesnt love that?

They use high-intensity interval training to make that possible. That means their workouts are designed to raise your heart rate.

But you cant just will your heart rate into overdrive. You need to push to your max level. Thats where the heart rate monitors come into play.

Upon entry, theyll be handing you a heart rate monitor that you are to wear during the entire workout.

Your heart rate, along with many others, will be posted on the screen so you can easily monitor yourself.

No excuses now, huh?

Why Am I Always In The Red Zone At Orangetheory

Do you find that you are constantly in the red zone, and getting loads of splat points every workout? It feels great, but its also possible theres something wrong with the setup.

If youre showing that youre at 99% heart rate but you could still carry on a conversation at that level, theres likely something wrong with the setup.

There are a few reasons why this can occur.

Target Heart Rates Chart

What should your heart rate be when working out, and how can you keep track of it? Our simple chart will help keep you in the target training zone, whether you want to lose weight or just maximize your workout. Find out what normal resting and maximum heart rates are for your age and how exercise intensity and other factors affect heart rate.

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Which Otf Heart Rate Monitor Is Best Which One Provides Accurate Data

As a whole, all the Orangetheory heart rate monitors are commendable. However, each stands out uniquely

  • The OTBeat Core is the best heart rate monitor for optimal sensitivity, hence most accurate in Orangetheory, being a chest strap. It is also the perfect value option, as it is the cheapest of the OTF heart rate monitors.
  • The OTBeat Burn is the best option for a long-lasting battery. It is also sleek and elegant, with the best up-to-date OTF heart rate monitor technology so far.
  • The OTBeat Flex is great when you want a convenient armband that is inexpensive for Orangetheory. Being an armband, you can take on any exercise, especially rowing, without feeling uncomfortable.
  • If you already have an Apple Watch, the OTBeat Link is an excellent and inexpensive addition that will save you from buying a new OTF heart rate monitor.

Do You Need An Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor For Orangetheory Class

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Not exactly. The Orangetheory studio screen only displays heart rate zones from OTF heart rate monitors, and lately, the Apple Watch, but it doesnt mean you need one.

Most Orangetheory users prefer owning the Orangetheory heart rate monitor. After all, where is the fun of being in OTF if you can enjoy your heart rate zones with the others?

Besides that, the Orangetheory heart rate monitors are pretty accurate, other than the Apple Watch, with the best reviews. This is especially for the OTBeat Core, which most people still prefer due to the high accuracy levels.

You will also appreciate that the heart rate monitors are so durable you wont need a new one sooner. Actually, most Orangetheory users who stop going to Orangetheory end up selling the HRMs secondhand.

Also, the fact that the heart rate monitors are Bluetooth-compatible makes them a catch. You can use Orangetheory heart rate monitors outside the class! Basically, they can link to any Bluetooth device, hence any other fitness app. Therefore, even after Oranegtheory, it doesnt mean that the heart rate monitor becomes useless. Besides, you could use the high accuracy levels in other fitness apps as well, right?

Also, not every member wants to see their metrics displayed on the screen in front of everyone. Therefore, they opt for other heart rate monitors to help them compete against themselves.

Therefore, the cons and pros of having an Orangetheory heart rate monitor in class balance out.

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What Type Of Heart Rate Monitor Does Orangetheory Use

Luckily, Orangetheory uses both types of heart rate monitors, the armbands and the chest strap. There is also the OTBeat Link for the Apple Watch. So

  • OTF chest strap heart rate monitor: OTBeat Core
  • OTF armband heart rate monitors: OTBeat Flex and OTBeat Burn
  • OTBeat Link: Apple Watch

Therefore, you can choose the most convenient, affordable, elegant, or preferable option that will give you the best Orangetheory class motivation.

Do I Need To Lift Weights As Fast As Possible To Get Results

Take a look at CrossFits highly sucessful lady WOD and youd certainly think so. Watching the CrossFit games might convince someone to do that. Certainly, the CrossFit Open requires that. But is that optimal for consistent safe results? The men and women that compete in the Olympia and the Arnold Classic dont need/use CrossFit why do you need it?

A big CrossFit Class with a motivating partner will leave you exhausted on your back. If you are feeling faint and covered with sweat surely that must have been the best thing for your body right? Americans spend millions of dollars on equipment to measure heart rate. Companies like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, Polar, and Garmin play on your ignorance in effort to sell you a product you dont really need.

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Orangetheory Launches Maxhr An Ai

Orangetheory has introduced a new AI-powered heart-rate tracking system called MaxHR to boost the personalisation and efficiency of members workouts.

Based on a proprietary algorithm, it records peak heart rate over a period of time to determine the members personal maximum heart rate. This data is used by trainers to improve the impact of sessions by identifying exactly when users should decrease or increase effort.

“For years, the standard of fitness heart rate tracking across the category has been an age-based formula that doesn’t take into consideration other factors, said Dave Long, co-founder and CEO. MaxHR is a game changer in the industry, as it allows every member to know their personal statistics and shape their workout in a way that meets their individual needs.”

Orangetheorys approach to fitness is known for being accessible to people of all fitness levels due to its foundation of heart rate-based interval training based on effort. The trainer-led sessions alternate cycles of high-intensity work followed by lower intensity which allows the cardiorespiratory system to partially recover.

During an exercise session members spend time in each of the five heart rate zones with the aim of training for 12-20 minutes in zone four or five , which is the highest level. Classes mix up rowing, cardio , endurance and strength training

Your Heart Rate Monitor Determines How You Rack Up Splat Points

Track Your Orangetheory Workout With OTbeat Heart Rate Monitors

In each class, the goal is to earn at least 12 splat points, and each splat point reflects one minute spent working at 84% of your max heart rate or higher.

On the screen, your heart rate levels are shown in three main zones: green, orange, and red. The green zone is 71% to 83% of your max heart rate, which should feel like a challenging but comfortable baseline. The orange zone is 84% to 91% of your max heart rate, which is where things get uncomfortable . The red zone is 92% or above, which feels close to the maximum effort you can give. So, in other words, 12 splat points equals 12 minutes spent in the orange and red zones combined.

The idea behind the 12-minute goal is to stimulate excess post-exercise oxygen consumption . This is also known as the afterburn effect, since your body is still using energy at a higher rate even after the workout is over, as your body works to return to a resting state. A comparison I like to use is when you are baking a cake, it still cooks for a short time after you pull it out of the oven, Eli Ingram, coach and regional fitness director at Orangetheory, tells SELF. The body is the same.

That said, the 12-splat-point guideline can still be a great goalpost to keep you going. Its a motivational tool for people to work toward something, Feito says.

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Policy On Dropping Weights Grunting & Chalk

Grunting isnt forbidden, but based on what Ive heard from other members, most people dont appreciate it. If you do feel the need to grunt, try not to be too obnoxious about it or do it throughout the entire class.

Dropping your dumbbells is not allowed at most studios. They have cushioned, bouncy flooring and classes are often crowded, so dropping dumbbells can injure you or the other members.

Chalk isnt prohibited, but its not very common for people to use it during Orangetheory classes.

Exercising In A Group Can Be Motivating

Because Orangetheory is a group fitness class, youll reap the benefits of group exercise: accountability, community, and motivation.

Orangetheory is a great option for people who like the idea of group exercise but dont like dance-style aerobic classes.


Many people enjoy Orangetheory classes because theyre easy to tailor to your needs, allow you to measure your effort based on your heart rate, and can allow you to burn more than 500 calories in a single class.

Before trying an Orangetheory class, you may want to consider some of its major drawbacks.

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The Founder Of Orangetheory Fitness Has Had A Lifelong Passion For Exercise

Orangetheory Fitness is the brainchild of New Yorker Ellen Latham. Growing up in Niagara Falls, Latham’s father was a dedicated football coach at a local high school. It was his unwavering passion for sports and coaching that eventually served as her inspiration to follow a career in fitness. At university, Latham studied physical education and physiology. After graduating, she later became a fitness director at a “high-end spa in Florida.”

Latham told Today that her father’s theory of “momentum shifting up” served as a huge inspiration to her as she began her career in the industry. The sports psychology premise revolves around “focusing on what you have, what you do well, not on what you don’t have and don’t do well.”

Latham has often been heard preaching about her road to success in speeches, and she shared her journey to Orangetheory in the documentary Momentum Shift.

What Is The Orange Zone

Working on my fitness! #OrangeTheory

The Orangetheory workout is comprised of five heart rate zones based on your individual heart rate. Our workouts are strategically designed so you spend at least 12 minutes or more in the Orange Zone to get your heart rate between 84 to 91% of your unique heart rate maximum. When your heart rate is elevated, youll start to see and feel real changes in your body. These arent ordinary workouts you typically find at a local gym.

  • Very Light Activity
  • Summary Of Our First 60 Minute Class

    • Filled out waiver and personal information at front desk
    • Got set up with heart rate monitor
    • Our instructor introduced herself to all of us in the group and briefly explained what to expect in the class.
    • They split us up into 2 groups The first group started on the treadmills and second group started on the rowing machines and free weights. After 30 minutes, we switched places and went to the other section.


    • A total of 30 minutes with about 8 burst intervals with rest mixed in. Each interval was around 30-60 seconds of exercise , then an interval of rest.
    • We looked up at the large TV screens which showed the heart rate zones for everyone in the group and we tried to modify our exertion to make sure we were staying in the appropriate zone. The instructor reminded us in each section what zone we should be aiming for as far as the color and which exertion level

    Rowing Machines, Free Weights, and AMRAP exercises


    Summary Of What I Liked

    OTF May Not Be For You If:


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    Crossfit Hype Vs Orange Theory Hype

    Both programming systems have their supporters. People who swear these programming systems have changed their lives for the better. And, also just as many people who have complained about how these programs have hurt them.

    The secret of CrossFit Programming

    CrossFit group class programming structure is simple. Teach a class 2-4 compound exercises. These exercises need to have a load movement . Make sure everyone can do the movement with relative minor faults. 3-2-1 Go. Make the class do the workout as fast as possible. This induces large amounts of glycolytic acid and exhaustion. When done with perfect form and precise balancing of exercises, this programming works.

    Why do people get injured? When you ask 20 untrained athletes to work as fast as possible for as long as possible, the athletes will cheat the proper form in an effort to win. Or, to make the exercises easier. While the coach or two are supposed to make corrections athletes trying to win dont want the corrections. In addition, since the CrossFit gym cannot control which session a given client attends, there is no way to ensure the programming is balanced for a specific athlete. While some of the better gyms do have balanced programming, that programming assumes youll attend all the sessions. Moreover, what an individual needs in terms of balance, will vary. Strength does not increase at the same rate for all clients. Furthermore the need for specific correctional exercises cannot be easily accomplished.

    Where Can You Buy Used Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitors

    It is understandable if you dont want to buy a new OrangeTheory heart rate monitor. Purchasing a brand new one can be quite pricey.

    Although there may be discounts and promos from time to time, you may not want to wait for them. They dont schedule sales and promos regularly.

    Plus, there is also a sense of urgency. Of course, you need to purchase one right away so you can use it in your next class!

    So where do you purchase used ones? Well, there are a lot of options. First, you could ask around friends or even check at your local OrangeTheory. Someone may know a member who is selling their preloved heart rate monitor.

    You could also check online. Facebook marketplace could be a good place to look for one. Someone near you might be selling theirs. If they are, it would be best to meet up so you can check on the product first before finalizing the purchase.

    There are some who sell through eBay. Lots of people have purchased their preloved OrangeTheory heart rate monitors through this website.

    But with Ebay theres always a danger of scams, untrustworthy people, etc.

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    What The 5 Heart Rate Zones Mean

    OTF’s latest display screen update shows members their current BPM, current calories burned, and the current Splat total. The large number in the middle is the percentage you’re currently maintaining of your max heart rate . Your heart rate is then broken down into five zones :

    • Gray zone: 50-60 percent of your maximum heart rate. This is the most comfortable zone. Your resting heart rate with no exertion.
    • Blue zone: 61-70 percent of your maximum heart rate. This is your warm-up period. Your body is in motion and your work rate is rising.
    • Green zone: 71-83 percent of your maximum heart rate. This is a “challenging but doable” high-calorie burning zone. It’s a daily challenge to have members strive to stay in this zone for 25 minutes or more of the workout. It’s also refereed to as the Base Pace or “active recovery.”
    • Orange zone: 84-91 percent of your maximum heart rate. This is a challenging and uncomfortable zone, which creates EPOC This is your Push Pace effort.
    • Red zone: 92-100 percent of your maximum heart rate. This is challenging and very uncomfortable this is where you empty your tank and give it all you have. This along with the Orange Zone create your EPOC.

    Find An Orangetheory Fitness Location Near You

    Using and taking care of your Orangetheory heart rate monitor!

    Ready to try out the workout for yourself? Visit the Orangetheory website to find a location near you. Because classes are limited to 24 to 34 people, you’re encouraged to call to get on the schedule.

    Then, make sure you arrive 30 minutes early for your first class so you have time to fill out paperwork and try out your heart-rate monitor.

    The instructor will also give you an overview of what you can expect during the workout so you’re not trying to figure it all out on your own as you go. As for memberships, you have three levels to choose from: Basic , Elite and Premier . Now go get sweating!

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    How Does Orangetheory Calculate Heart Rate

    What I like about the OTF is they dont use fancy and expensive aerobic tests.

    They use simple heart rate monitors that use the tried and tested age-predicted maximal heart rate formula 220 age to estimate your maximum heart rate.

    Also, instead of using scientific jargon, the orange theory uses splat points to describe how much time you spend in each heart rate zone.

    How To Reach Epoc

    According to Tim, your goal should be to stay in the Orange zone for at least 12 to 20 minutes in order to reach your “afterburn.” “Getting in those zones produces what exercise scientists call the ‘EPOC’ effect,” Tim told POPSUGAR. “EPOC occurs when our bodies require excess oxygen after a workout in order to return ourselves to our normal physiologic steady state or where you were before you stepped in the studio.”

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