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Mick Jagger Heart Surgery

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Rolling Stones Icon Mick Jagger Thanks Fans After Successful Heart Surgery

Mick Jagger dancing after heart surgery

5 April 2019, 17:12 | Updated: 7 April 2019, 20:08

Mick Jagger, 75, is recovering in hospital from heart surgery after cancelling Rolling Stones shows.

Mick went into surgery to have a heart valve replaced after a mystery illness caused the Rolling Stones to postpone future gigs.

A source has toldBillboardthat the Stones frontman’s procedure was successful and he is now being monitored closely by doctors in New York.

Mick could be out of hospital in only a few days, but will be watched in case of signs of complications, including excessive bleeding.

He later thanked fans on social media for all their support, saying: “Thank you everyone for all your messages of support, Im feeling much better now and on the mend – and also a huge thank you to all the hospital staff for doing a superb job.”

Thank you everyone for all your messages of support, Im feeling much better now and on the mend – and also a huge thank you to all the hospital staff for doing a superb job.

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones singer has undergone a transcatheter aortic valve replacement , a minimally invasive surgery which meant surgeons avoided having to open up Mick’s chest

Doctors have repaired the heart valve using a catheter that accesses a major artery and Mick should be up on his feet soon.

Fact : What Are Mick Jagger’s Treatment Options

Traditionally, aortic stenosis has been treated using open heart surgery during a procedure known as aortic valve replacement.

During surgical aortic valve replacement procedure , the patients heart is stopped. Then, the diseased aortic valve is removed and replaced with a tissue heart valve or a mechanical heart valve. There are several different approaches that surgeons use to access and open the heart including a sternotomy, a mini-sternotomy and port-access.

There is another, newer type of aortic valve replacement procedure that requires no incision to the patients chest or ribs. This new form of non-invasive heart valve surgery is called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement . While TAVR initally received FDA-approval for inoperable patients, high-risk patients, and intermediate risk patients, recent clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of TAVR in low-risk patients as well. You can learn more about this recent announcement at “Low-Risk TAVR Clinical Trial Results Celebrated”.

To see how TAVR works, here is a video animation that shows how the new aortic valve is inserted into the patients heart through an artery in the groin. This procedure does not require the use of the heart lung machine.

While there is no official word yet from Mick Jagger, there are reports that he had a TAVR performed at a New York hospital.

Fact : What Will Mick Jaggers Recovery From Heart Surgery Be Like

Depending on the type of aortic valve replacement performed on the patient SAVR or TAVR the recovery can be significantly different. While each patient is unique, so is their recovery.

Typically, the recovery from SAVR is typically longer given the invasive nature of the procedure. The recovery from TAVR can be much less as there is no major incision to the patients sternum or ribs.

The fact that Jagger posted a picture on Twitter less than a week after aortic valve surgery, further suggests that Jagger had a TAVR. As you can see below, Mick posted, “A walk in the park!” on April 11, 2019.

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Why Is Mick Jagger Having Heart Surgery In The Us

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  • Very miss-leading post, but hey, its from a conservative.

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  • Amazing the way some people will try and look for random datapoints to back up their priors but will refuse to see a trend and think again from first principles.

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    Very miss-leading post, but hey, its from a conservative.

    You enjoy being wrong about everything and I enjoy pointing it out. In your post you are 0 for 2, thats bad, really bad.

    Here are some facts for you to ponder:

    1) The pro single payer group points to the European models of Nationalized Health care.

    2) They do so using statistics to make the European models appear superior to ours.

    3) If the above 2 facts were true, it is only logical that a citizen of any of the European countries would choose the superior system with a major surgery. Mick Jagger, chose the US to get his care.

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    Surgery Like Jagger: Doctors Explain Heart Valve Problems And Treatment

    Pin on Echoingwalls Music

    Please note: This article was published more than two years ago, so some information may be outdated. If you have questions about your health, always contact a health care professional.The Rolling Stones performing in Dublin, May 17, 2018. Rolling Stone magazine confirmed lead singer Mick Jagger needs heart valve surgery.

    Rolling Stones fans were concerned by the news Mick Jagger needs a new heart valve. But they’ll be happy to know that these days most patients in his situation can get what they need and often without intensive surgery.

    While Jagger has not discussed his condition, Rolling Stone magazine confirmed reports that Jagger, 75, needs heart valve surgery. It’s scheduled this week in New York. Jagger is expected to make a complete recovery, the band said in a statement.

    Jagger has plenty of company. More than 5 million Americans live with heart valve disease. In 2013, the most recent year for which numbers are available, more than 100,000 people had heart valve surgery, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

    Dr. Catherine Otto, a professor of medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, offered this primer on the heart’s four valves and how they can malfunction.

    Heart valve illustration and video.

    If one of these valves narrows, blood can’t go forward without the heart working extremely hard to push it, she said. And if a valve leaks, the heart has to pump extra blood to make up for it.

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    Why Isnt Mick Jagger Having His Heart Surgery In The Uk With The National Health Service

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    2aguy said:Mickfrom the Rolling Stones is having heart New York..why? Why doesnt he fly back to the get on the waiting list, to get on the next list, to schedule the Heart surgery through the British National Health Service..? Oh yeah.he is in his 70s, so likely he wouldnt qualify for that surgery under the British National Health Service guidelinesright?

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    cannot be decided at the ballot boxWhat?

    Mick Jagger Recovering After Heart Surgery

    FRIDAY, April 5, 2019 –Mick Jagger is recovering and in good health after his heart valve procedure.

    The Rolling Stones frontman is being monitored for any complications that could occur, such as excess bleeding, sources told Billboard.

    Jagger underwent a minimally invasive procedure called transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Doctors accessed his heart valve using a catheter that was inserted through his femoral artery, avoiding the need to open Jagger’s chest.

    The recovery time after the procedure is much shorter than after surgery, but Jagger has to rest for four to five days to permit the artery can heal, Billboard reported.

    While he could be up and moving in a few days, he’ll need additional recovery time before returning to live performances.

    The Stones had planned to start a North American tour in April, but postponed it so Jagger could have the procedure. The tour is now scheduled to begin in July, Billboardr eported

    Show Sources

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    Fact : What Are The Risks Of Aortic Stenosis Is It Fatal

    Although under-diagnosed and under-treated, aortic stenosis is a common form of heart valve disease. Dr. Michael Mack, a leading heart surgeon at The Heart Hosptial Baylor Plano, stated in a recent interview, “Up to 12% of the elderly population have some form of aortic stenosis.”

    Patients with narrow heart valves may experience symptoms including shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness and fatigue. As recently published in my article, Aortic Stenosis: The Danger Zone Is Here, this disease can be fatal.

    According to research by Dr. Eugene Braunwald, the mortality rate of patients with severe aortic stenosis and symptoms is an alarming 50% within 24 months. That said, this disease is very serious and potentially fatal. In fact, some doctors call aortic stenosis a “Silent Killer” as patients with the disease can have no symptoms.

    Mick Jagger To Undergo Ny Heart Surgery Get Stent: Drudge Report

    Mick Jagger Back Dancing After Heart Surgery
    • Singer of British band the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger performs with the band during a concert at Berlins Olympic Stadium last June. Jagger said Saturday he was devastated after his Rolling Stones were forced to cancel their United States and Canada tour dates so he could receive medical treatment. | AFP-JIJI

    LONDON Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger will undergo heart surgery this week following the postponement of the bands North American tour for medical reasons, according to a published report.

    The U.S. website Drudge Report, citing unidentified sources, said Jagger, 75, would undergo surgery this week in New York to replace a heart valve. New York Posts Page Six website, citing unidentified sources, said the surgery would involve placing a stent in the singers heart.

    Representatives for Jagger in the United States did not return requests for comment. A spokesman for the British band in London declined to comment on the Drudge Report article.

    The band on Saturday announced it was postponing all dates on its tour of the United States and Canada to give Jagger time to receive medical treatment. It did not specify what treatment Jagger needed but said he is expected to make a full recovery.

    The North American tour had been scheduled to run from April 20 until June 29.

    After a storied sex, drugs and rock-n-roll lifestyle in his earlier days, Jagger now follows a healthy diet, runs, and works out frequently.

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    Mick Jagger ‘on The Mend’ After Reportedly Getting A New Aortic Valve

    The Rolling Stones had to postpone their North American tour due to Mick Jagger’s aortic valve… operation.

    Rolling Stones lead singer Sir Mick Jagger has sung many, many times that he can’t get no satisfaction. But he now reportedly has got a new heart valve.

    According to Dave Brooks, writing for Billboard, the 75-year-old Jagger just underwent a successful transcatheter aortic valve replacement . This procedure is apparently the reason why the Rolling Stones had postponed their 17 shows in the US and Canada over the next three months. While Jagger himself or his peeps have not confirmed this news or made any official statements yet about the procedure, Jagger did tweet out the following:

    Thank you everyone for all your messages of support, Im feeling much better now and on the mend – and also a huge thank you to all the hospital staff for doing a superb job.

    Mick Jagger

    A TAVR isn’t a TiVO or a TASER. To understand what a TAVR is, break it down word-by-word. Transcatheter means that doctors use a catheter to perform the procedure. The aortic valve is one of the four valves in your heart. Replacement means the act of replacing. In this case, it’s swapping in a new aortic valve when the current one ain’t doing its job. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s an aortic valve shuffle, so to speak.

  • Enters your right atrium from your two major veins, your superior and inferior vena cavas.
  • Goes from your right atrium into your right ventricle via your tricuspid valve
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    Mick Jagger To Undergo Heart Valve Replacement Surgery: Report

    Home » News » Mick Jagger to Undergo Heart Valve Replacement Surgery: Report

    Mick Jagger is set to undergo heart valve replacement surgery this week in New York City, according to the Drudge Report. The news comes two days after the Rolling Stonespostponed their North American tour due to then-unspecified concerns about Jaggers heath.

    Im devastated for having to postpone the tour, but I will be working very hard to be back on stage as soon as I can, Jagger wrote on Twitter after the postponement was announced. Once again, huge apologies to everyone.

    According to Drudge, the procedure has a 95 percent success rate, and Jagger plans be able to perform again by this summer. The tour was scheduled to begin April 20 in Miami and end June 29 in Ontario. No makeup dates have been announced, though fans have been told to hold onto their tickets.

    As for how or why the news broke on the Drudge Report, were as baffled as you are, though its perhaps worth noting that Jagger was spotted Sunday in Miami, where Drudge is based.

    Mick Jagger Facing Heart Surgery

    Mick Jagger to undergo heart valve replacement surgery

    Jagger, 75, posted this message on his Facebook page Saturday: “Iâm so sorry to all our fans in America & Canada with tickets. I really hate letting you down like this. Iâm devastated for having to postpone the tour but I will be working very hard to be back on stage as soon as I can. Once again, huge apologies to everyone.”

    While the exact problem is not specified, news reports pegged it as a either a need for a cardiac stent or a heart valve replacement. The Drudge Report, an online news aggregator, first reported that Jagger would need a heart valve procedure Monday, something that Rolling Stone magazine says it has confirmed.

    WebMD asked two cardiac surgeons about heart valve replacement. Neither doctor treats Jagger, and they are speaking about the procedure in general.

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    What Is Recovery Like

    The normal recovery time after heart valve surgery is typically four to eight weeks, according to the American Heart Association.

    Svensson notes it can be shorter following minimally invasive surgeries. “With these patients, we tell them they can start driving again in two to three weeks after surgery if they feel good,” he said.

    Jagger said he hopes to be back on stage as soon as he can. According to Svensson, there’s a very good chance of that happening.

    “If all goes well with the procedure, then he’s very likely to be able to go back on tour,” Svensson said. “He might not be jumping around on stage quite as much, but he hopefully will have a good outcome and have satisfaction with it.”

    American Heart Association News Stories

    American Heart Association News covers heart disease, stroke and related health issues. Not all views expressed in American Heart Association News stories reflect the official position of the American Heart Association. Statements, conclusions, accuracy and reliability of studies published in American Heart Association scientific journals or presented at American Heart Association scientific meetings are solely those of the study authors and do not necessarily reflect the American Heart Associations official guidance, policies or positions.

    Copyright is owned or held by the American Heart Association, Inc., and all rights are reserved. Permission is granted, at no cost and without need for further request, for individuals, media outlets, and non-commercial education and awareness efforts to link to, quote, excerpt or reprint from these stories in any medium as long as no text is altered and proper attribution is made to American Heart Association News.

    Other uses, including educational products or services sold for profit, must comply with the American Heart Associations Copyright Permission Guidelines. See full terms of use. These stories may not be used to promote or endorse a commercial product or service.

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    What Is Heart Valve Surgery Exactly

    Heart valve surgery is done to treat heart disease, an issue with one of the four valves in your heart that keep your blood flowing in the right direction, according to the Mayo Clinic. Each valve has flaps that open and close during a heartbeat and, when they dont open or close the way they should, it can disrupt the blood flow through your heart and body.

    During heart valve surgery, a doctor will either repair or replace the affected valves. This can be done during one of several different surgeries, including open heart surgery and minimally invasive heart surgery, says , chairman of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery in the Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic

    There are a few options when it comes to replacing a valve, the American Heart Association says. Those include inserting a mechanical valve, a human or animal donor valve, and borrowing a healthy valve and moving it to the spot where you have damage.

    Timing of the surgery depends on what youre having done, but it can run from about an hour for a catheter-based valve replacement to four hours for a more standard surgical procedure, Dr. Gillinov says.

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