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Where Is The Heart Attack Grill

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Man Has Heart Attack At Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack Grill: Monument to Greasy Gluttony

A man eating at the oft-controversial food chain Heart Attack Grill left the restaurant in an ambulance after suffering a heart attack.

Heart Attack Grill, which glorifies unhealthy eating and offers meals up to 8,000 calories, had a real-life heart attack in its Las Vegas location last weekend, according to a local television report. A man in his 40s was eating the “Triple Bypass Burger” when he started having chest pains and collapsed.

Each Heart Attack Grill has a medical theme, with waitresses dressed as nurses and all the food items having medical names, including “Flatliner Fries” and the Bypass Burgers. Owner Jon Basso even refers to himself as “Doctor.”

“I actually felt horrible for the gentleman because the tourists were taking photos of him as if it were some type of stunt. Even with our own morbid sense of humor, we would never pull a stunt like that,” Basso said.

Anyone who walks into Heart Attack Grill and weighs more than 350 pounds can eat for free. The restaurant doesn’t hold back on its menu, with the Quadruple Bypass Burger possessing 8,000 calories. Patrons who eat the entire thing are wheeled out of the restaurant in a wheelchair.

Basso said various health incidents have happened at the restaurant before, but this was the first actual heart attack.

A Heart Attack Grill opened its first Texas location last year in Dallas’ Historic West End, but it has since closed.

Watch amateur video of the heart attack incident:

The Wait Staff Dress Up As Nurses

The Heart Attack Grill is a hospital-theme restaurant. Therefore, the wait staff would dress up as medical staff workers. The waitresses are dressed up as nurses, and they are serving their ‘patients’. Those are the customers who are enjoying the mammoth burgers at the restaurant.

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Jon Basso himself dresses up as a doctor. He is the one that prescribed his ‘patients’ a hearty meal from his own establishment. This is what is called very smart and clever marketing. He had the skills even long before this establishment was even a thought. That being at a time he was in the niche that was a 180 to this one.

Are You Up For The Challenge

Perhaps you like the idea of eating until you can barely move, or maybe youre the kind of person who cant resist the challenge of consuming improbable amounts of food.

In any case, if you want to visit a burger joint like no other, this is one place to look out for while youre in Vegas. Just remember to bring your appetite or at least wear a thick pair of pants!

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Heart Attack Grill Vegas: Menu Prices Calories

A restaurant that brazenly promotes unhealthy food and encourages you to gorge yourself until you can fit in no more, the Heart Attack Grill in Downtown Las Vegas serves up some of the most intimidatingly huge burgers on the planet.

Its a place where excessive eating is not looked down upon but rather is positively encouraged and if that sounds like the kind of place youd enjoy, heres all the info you need about this popular yet controversial eatery.

Sharing Is Not Caring

The Heart Attack Grill Will Probably Kill You

Making the decision to eat a calorie-filled burger such as the Quadruple Bypass Burger or the is that it cannot be shared with others. However, the ironic thing is that when it comes to the Single Bypass Burger which is quite tame, that one can be shared. Anyone may be able to BBQ a burger similar to that one.

Some other menu options can be shared as well. In other words, anyone who wants to take the to eat the must do so themselves. At least it is reassuring to know that the nurse will wheel them to the car if they cannot move.

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Misrepresentations In The Media

Movies and television shows do not accurately portray the job that a nurse does often having nurses be the backdrop for scenes rather than a part of them. Also, having doctors perform nursing tasks which makes them look more and the nurses less competent and thus unneeded. The Center for Nursing Advocacy explains that physicians being presented carrying out such tasks as “triage, patient teaching, giving medications, providing psycho-social support, minute-to-minute care of the critically ill, and preventative care such as vaccinations.â The reality is that nurses are actually advocates for their patients as well as patient educators. They explain different treatments and procedures to their patients as well as protecting their patients interests. The strongest cognitive associations made about nurses in the US are caring, helpful, professional, and dedicated.

History Of The Heart Attack Grill

Jon Basso first opened the Heart Attack Grill in Tempe, Arizona, in 2005. A second restaurant opened in 2011 in Dallas, Texas. Both locations closed, and the Las Vegas location debuted in October 2011.

Before opening the Heart Attack Grill, Jon Basso was a franchise owner at Jenny Craig. His job was to help people lose weight and start an active lifestyle. Though you may think his turn to greasy food is a stark change of events, he claims the opposite.

Jon says that the restaurant is making a statement about obesity and coronary issues.

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Heart Attack Grill Displays Cremated Remains Of Past Customer As New Marketing Tool

A hospital-themed restaurant in Las Vegas, called the Heart Attack Grill, is famous for its menu of an unhealthy diet, particularly on its enormous hamburgers. Customers are referred to as patients while their orders are called prescriptions, and the waitresses are dressed as nurses.

“Patients” who weigh over 350 pounds are invited to unlimited free food as long as they weigh themselves on an electronic cattle weighing scale in front of a cheering crowd.

The restaurant’s enormous hamburgers range in weight from half a pound to four pounds of beef and are called Single Bypass Burger up to the Octuple Bypass Burger. Heart Attack Grill also serves the Flatliner Fries cooked in pure lard, Coronary Dog, alcohol, Butterfat Milkshakes, Lucky Strike, no filter cigarettes, full-sugar Coca-Cola, and candy cigarettes for kids.

Behold The Bypass Burger So Many Levels Of Nope

The Heart Attack Grill: Restaurant Promotes Harmfully Unhealthy Food | Nightline | ABC News

Do you really want this written on your tombstone: Tried to tackle a 20,000 calorie cheeseburger longer than my arm and my organs shut down? No, no you don’t. This is the epitome of reckless. Eating this monstrosity is going to make your insides beg you for a plate of leafy greens, and a toilet bowl.

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A Taste Worth Dying For

The Heart Attack Grill truly justifies its motto taste worth dying for as it has witnessed cases of customers dying while eating the huge bypass burgers!

So, if you are a junk-food lover and do not worry about counting calories while eating, then Heart Attack Grill is the perfect place for you, where you can eat to your hearts content!

But, if you are not, then beware of getting spanked in public!

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Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas

N.º 239Restaurantes en Las Vegas

Lo mejor del restaurante es el ambiente y el reto de acabarse la comida, ya que las hamburguesas y hot dogs son regulares, nada fuera del otro mundo.

Servicio un poco lento, pero la comida está buenísima a pesar de su pequeña carta, excelente ambiente y está divertidisimo el concepto

Sinceramente, para ir por hacerte la foto y la payasada de ver quien come la más grande… Yo me comí la triple. La calidad de la carne era malísima, peor que cualquiera del Burguer o McDonalds. Es un verdadero mazacote seco de carne…sin más.Más

Este sitio se encuentra en el Fremont Street Experience, por lo que si te alojas en la Strip, deberás coger autobús para llegar.La temática de este restaurante es peculiar, nunca vimos nada así. Nada más entrar, te ponen tu bata de enfermo y te…sientan en la mesa. Alrededor hay un montón de pantallas poniendo videoclips parodias, al igual que carteles de posters de película. Muy divertido. No hay mucha variedad en la carta, pero las hamburguesas están muy buenas, y su tamaño es bastante grande .No se puede pagar con tarjeta, hay que hacerlo en efectivo. Hay un cajero allí. Dos hamburguesas pequeñas con patatas y un refresco nos costó 32$.Más

Es un sitio diferente, con un toque divertido de ser como un hospital. La carta es sencilla pero los ingredientes son muy buenos!Mencion especial al personal, muy amables y muy simpáticas

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About The Heart Attack Grill

In an age filled with vege-burgers and low-calorie burgers, the Heart Attack Grill makes a point of making its burgers very high in sugar, fat, and cholesterol. If one was to consistently eat food of this caliber it would increase one’s risk of a heart attack. There have been heart attacks in the restaurant, but it is also more likely to attract clients that are more prone to heart attacks.

  • Founded: In December 2005

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The whole restaurant is themed on this gag of a hospital and heart attacks. Its burgers range from “Single” to “Double” to “Triple” to “Quadruple” With the highest being “Octuple Bypass” burgers. The burgers range from 8 ounces to 32 ounces of beef. See here for a fuller list of 10 things that shouldn’t be legal on their menu.

  • Customers: Dubbed “Patients” At The Restaurant
  • Orders: Dubbed “Prescriptions”
  • Waitresses: Dubbed “Nurses”

The fries are cooked in pure lard and are called “Flatliner Fries”. The cigarettes in the restaurant are without filters and there are even candy cigarettes for the kids.

Heart Attack Grill Has Also Been Sued For Sexual Harassment

heart: Heart Attack Grill Vegas

In 2019, Heart Attack Grill founder Jon Basso was in the news for another reason he was being sued for sexual harassment. According to KTNV Las Vegas, the suit was filed by a former waitress who claimed Basso had sent her nude photos, a slew of “harassing and inappropriate” text messages, subjected her to unwanted comments, and even went as far as having flowers sent to her home. The employee says he also reprimanded her for talking to another man, and showed up at her house to profess his love. Advances, she says, continued over the course of a year, and ended when he fired her and threatened legal action if she went public.

Strangely, the suit also claims that Basso sent her another photo: he’d thrown a life-sized cardboard cutout of her into the garbage, and labeled it with the message “Where it belongs.”

The news outlet said that while they were waiting for a response from Basso, they were also going to publish advice from Dr. Daliah Wachs. According to Dr. Wachs, it’s important to minimize contact with a person displaying harassing behaviors, and know when it’s time to seek help.

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Monster Shots For Anyone Not Wanting To Be Conscious For The Next Few Days

The hotdogs and cheeseburgers are not the only super-sized menu items available at this one of a kind eaterie. The booze options come in massive quantities as well. The shots are large enough to take an elephant down. Between these and the greasy food options, you’ll probably be down for the count after this meal.

How Much Do You Have To Weigh To Eat For Free At The Heart Attack Grill

One of the most famous claims of the Heart Attack Grill is that all customers who weigh over 350 lbs and are willing to prove it via a weigh-in on their giant scale, eat for free!

So the deal is that if you weigh over 350lbs and are willing to publicly weigh yourself in front of a rowdy crowd on a scale made for animal livestock you can, in fact, eat for free.

If you qualify, you can have an unlimited number of free Single Bypass Burgers but youll need to order a drink with each one. To-go orders and meal sharing are not allowed with this deal.

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Location And Opening Hours

If youre not put off by the prospect of eating yourself to death or at least a good spanking for not finishing your meal you can find Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Heres the address and phone number:

  • Address: 450 E Fremont St #130, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Tel: +1 702-706-7568

The restaurant is open daily from 11am to 10pm.

Heart Attack Grill features a rather unique theme, basing itself on the experience of a visit to the hospital.

The waitresses are referred to as nurses and the waiters as doctors, and they attend to you dressed in sexy medical attire. The owner, Dr. Jon, works there himself, and can often be found personally flipping burgers in the kitchen wearing a doctors coat.

Diners are patients, and when you arrive to check in, you are given a medical gown and a wristband to wear before being led to your table.

As you can imagine in a restaurant called Heart Attack, the place is suitably morbid. One of its catchphrases is a taste worth dying for, and you will find the ceiling adorned with giant bottles of meds.

There are plenty of other humorous touches too, which some will find hilarious while others may consider in poor taste like urinals sporting the faces of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

You may also notice a parody of Leonardo da Vincis Last Supper in which founder Basso is seen enjoying a meal with a host of characters including Ronald McDonald and KFCs Colonel Sanders.

Dr Jon And The Beginning Of An Extraordinary Themed Restaurant The Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas

THE HEART ATTACK GRILL Las Vegas! Giant Burgers & Spankings Review

In 2005, John Basso, nicknamed Dr. Jon opened the extraordinary themed restaurant in Chandler, Arizona. This followed in 2011 by the opening of the second Heart Attack Grill in Dallas, which, however, closed a short time later. The restaurant in Chandler also closed its doors in 2011 and moved to Las Vegas. Since then, diners on Fremont Street are able to enjoy the special burger experience there.

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It’s Not Just The Food That’s Controversial At Heart Attack Grill

Surprisingly, it’s not just the incredibly unhealthy food that makes the Heart Attack Grill controversial it’s also their portrayal of nurses.

According to Entrepreneur, organizations like the Arizona Board of Nursing and the Center for Nursing Advocacy have taken issue with the waitresses dressed in bosom-bearing nurses’ uniforms. In addition to saying it’s degrading to the entire profession, they point out it’s also troublesome that all the women are nurses while the men are doctors outdated gender divisions that the medical profession has been working to overcome.

Individual nurses took it seriously, too, appealing to Arizona’s attorney general’s office to intervene and have owner Jon Basso stop using the uniforms. Basso’s response back in 2006 was less-than-understanding: “If anything, I think it glorifies nurses to be thought of as a physically attractive and desirable individual… There’s a Faye Dunaway, Florence Nightingale hipness to it. Nobody wants to think of themselves as some old battle ax who changes bedpans for a living.”

The state’s Board of Nursing also went after Basso for claiming on his web site that his employees were “nurses,” when none had any medical training whatsoever. Basso refused to remove the title, and instead added a footnote saying that there were no actual medical personnel on staff, and it was all just a joke.

The Heart Attack Grill Has Been Associated With Many Health Emergencies

In 2011, the Heart Attack Grill had their own spokesman the 575-pound Blair River, who was, at the time, 29 years old. In March, ABC News reported that he had passed away after four days in the hospital. Reports said he had succumbed to pneumonia after battling the flu, which Basso described as “tragic.”

Fast forward to 2012, and ABC News was once again reporting on a tragedy linked to the Heart Attack Grill. This time, it was an unidentified customer who had suffered an actual heart attack while eating there. He’d been eating a Triple Bypass Burger, and he was taken to a nearby hospital. Just a few months later, they reported another customer collapsed: she had been eating a Double Bypass Burger, smoking cigarettes, and enjoying a margarita. She was unconscious when paramedics arrived, but was taken to the hospital and was said to be “recovering.”

Then, in 2013, the Heart Attack Grill’s “daily customer and unofficial mascot” John Alleman died after suffering a heart attack and collapsing as he stood at the bus stop in front of the restaurant. According to USA Today, he was the inspiration for the “Patient John” character seen around the restaurant, and Basso’s comments speak for themselves: ” isn’t going to stop us from what we’re doing.”

Business Insider talked to owner Jon Basso about the disturbing trend, and he told them, “Death equals business at the Heart Attack Grill. Will it please me if other spokesmen die in the future? Absolutely.”

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