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How Do You Say Heart Attack In Spanish

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Heart Attack In Spanish

Heart Common Expressions in Spanish


Attack Is The Best Form Of Defense

This phrase means that proactively attacking your opponents or enemies is the best way to protect yourself. You can also hear the best defense is a good offense. Germans say Angriff ist die beste Verteidigung.

Why are we mentioning this phrase? Attack and defense go hand in hand and cannot be separated. In German, defense translates as Verteidigung or Abwehr.

Lets take a look at some examples:

  • Es ist zur Verteidigung der Stadt notwendig. It is necessary for the defense of the town.
  • Sie müssen natürlich an Ihrer Abwehr arbeiten. Of course, you have to work on your defense.

The verb is verteidigen to defend or sich verteidigen to defend oneself. It is regular, so the past forms are verteidigte/ verteidigt.

  • Freiheit und Demokratie werden durch Wissen verteidigt. Freedom and democracy are defended by knowledge.

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Examples Of Heart Attack In A Sentence

heart attackheart attackheart attack orlandosentinel.comheart attack San Antonio Express-Newsheart attack New York Timesheart attack Dallas Newsheart attack San Francisco Chronicleheart attack Science | AAASheart attack PEOPLE.comheart attack

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Heart Attacks Prompt Spanish Action

High-profile deaths among footballers lead to players union demanding life-saving equipment in lower leagues.

A flag depicting Antonio Puerta is displayed by a Sevilla fan following;the players;death in 2007

As Miguel Garcia recovers from the heart attack which almost killed him during a second-division football match in Spain, he can thank changes in the law following the death of another player for saving his life.

Garcias collapse, during a game between his Salamanca side and Real Betis at the end of October, was the latest in a series of incidents that have shocked Spanish soccer fans.

Sevillas Antonio Puerta died in hospital three days after collapsing during a Primera Division match in 2007 at the age of 22 and his death sparked a new law that all first and second division clubs should keep defibrillators ready at their grounds.

Real Madrids Ruben de la Red survived after collapsing during a Copa del Rey match in October 2008 and last month announced that he was heeding doctors advice not to return to the game as a player, taking up a coaching job instead.

Espanyols Dani Jarque died suddenly in his hotel room while on a pre-season tour in 2009 and Sevillas Sergio Sanchez is trying to come back after surgery on a heart condition discovered by doctors in January.

The 31-year-old Garcia, however, will not return to the field after being told by doctors to give up playing.


Espanyol captain Jarque a week before he died in 2009

Examples Of Using Heart Attack In A Sentence And Their Translations

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