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Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch 2021

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The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch 2021 Reviews

With the Fenix 6 Pro series, only the largest model, the 6X, had solar cells, and this whole update is actually about Garmin incorporating the same technology into the two smaller models in the series. Of course, theres added support for training modes as well, but in practice its only the solar cells that are new here.

Does that give you a watch with infinitely more hours of use as long as youre out in the sun? No, not really. The Fenix 6 Pro already has a longer battery life than most people will ever need for a workout. What the solar panel does is add a couple of hours to that.

If you train for an hour a day and otherwise use the watch around the clock, the battery will last for about a week instead of five days, thanks to the solar cells. So more of a nice to have than something that saves your life when you go out on a hike.

The worst thing about it all is that you have to have a special dial to see how much juice the solar cells generate, because the meter cant be included as a regular data field.

Best Heart Rate Monitor: Watches And Chest Straps Tested

Using a heart rate monitor is the best way to get more data from your training sessions.

Whether you’re a novice runner, or a serious athlete, everyone can gain something from monitoring their heart rate.

Chest strap monitors are still the most accurate for working out, but heart rate monitor watches are now excellent options if you use them in the right way.

And heart rate monitors are for more than sport. The latest devices can help monitor your heart rate 24/7, help spot illness, stress, tiredness and help tell you when to take a break.

We’ve reviewed and tested pretty much every heart rate monitor on the market this is our favorites.

Music Swimming Pulse Maps

What Garmin has done in practice is to take a Fenix 5 Plus and squeeze the entire package into the same neat form as the Forerunner 935. And theyve also added to this a few new functions that seem to be only partially included in the older Fenix models.

Music storage is built-in, with support for Bluetooth headphones and offline lists from Spotify. This works in the same trouble-free way as other Garmin watches with this support, although music transfer is a little slow.

Maps are now also included too. The navigation isnt exactly the most detailed, predictable or easy-to-use in a watch. But it exists, and if you dont have your phone with you its an exceptionally useful function.

Because its a multisport watch, you have support for every sport you could think of. What’s new this time is that Garmin has also added support for measuring your pulse directly from the watch when youre swimming. Other manufacturers have had this, but now Garmin has squeezed it into their watches, it feels like the measurement is slightly more stable. And we didnt run into any problems when it comes to GPS accuracy and so on, just like wed expect from Garmin.

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If It’s On Sale For Under $300

Apple has dropped last year’s Series 7 from the lineup, along with the Series 5 and 6. Last year, I noted that the Series 7 was one of the best sports watches on the market, with better water- and dust-resistance and updated algorithms, a bigger screen, and a full-size keyboard for texting. And when I hold the Series 7 next to the Series 8, the difference in the display size and brightness is negligible. If you can find it on sale for around $300, I think it’s worth buying.

WatchOS 9 works with Series 4 watches and later, so if someone wants to give you one or you can find it significantly marked down, those are also worth considering. As Apple has added its health features one by one to each watch, you should double-check to make sure it has the ones you want. For example, the Series 5 doesn’t have SpO2 monitoring, and SpO2 monitoring doesn’t work on the Series 6 if the user is under 18 or doesn’t have a paired iPhone.

Should I Buy A Fitness Watch

Top 26 Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches of 2021  Reviewed &  Ranked

An easy way to decide if you should get a fitness watch or not is by identifying a few key metrics you’d like to track. In a recent article, we spoke with Michael J. Joyner, M.D., a human-physiology researcher at the Mayo Clinic, to get his opinion on fitness trackers.

“If your goal is to finish a 10K, then the distance you can run without stopping is more relevant than something like your respiration rate,” Dr. Joyner told MH. âYou have to ask yourself how collecting more-granular data is going to help you achieve your goals.â

Before purchasing, take a second to write down your specific needs for a fitness watch and then list some metrics you’d like to measure. Whether you’re looking for a watch that will help you train for a marathon, or looking for a watch that’s going to help you for hiking, you can find a fitness watch out there tailored to what you want.

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The Best Fitness Trackers You Can Buy Today

The Fitbit Charge 5 is Fitbit’s latest tracker and it has a number of exciting features usually reserved for more expensive devices, such as an ECG heart rate monitor. During testing, we found that the bright, always-on color touch screen is a massive improvement to that of the Fitbit Charge 4 â it is easy to read in bright sunlight and is great to use during a HIIT workout or on a hike, although we found the lack of physical buttons made it a little fiddly to navigate around when running.

The Fitbit Charge 5 also has Fitbit’s ‘Daily Readiness Score’ feature, which gives you an idea of how ready you are for a big workout, based on three different metrics â fitness fatigue , heart rate variability , and recent sleep.

If you’re looking for a tracker that looks beautiful against your wrist, is easy to read in the bright sunlight and has some impressive features for the price tag, this is a good buy. Also, if you’re using a Fitbit Charge 3 or older, the upgrade is worth it for the color screen alone. If you want to save money, the Fitbit Charge 4 was the best fitness tracker before the Charge 5 was released, and is likely to be on sale.

The Fitbit Charge 5 also won the title of the best fitness tracker in our Tom’s Guide Fitness awards, as it looks cool enough on the wrist that you donât mind wearing it all day long, and has a bunch of brilliant tracking capabilities.

Read our full Fitbit Inspire 3 review here.

Read our full Fitbit Sense review.

How To Use A Heart Rate Monitor

Do an all-out workout and find your max heart rate. This will help you gauge your heart range. The next part is to find your easy. Your easy heart rate is for easy more relaxing workouts. Then attempt some aerobic activities, ones that keep a steady heart rate over longer periods of time, which is most likely 50-65% of your max heart rate if you are a beginner. These will all serve as indicators and help you find what works for you.

Forgoing the distance if you are a runner, try the tempo workouts. For a good tempo workout, your heart rate should be roughly 80-90% of your max heart rate. Keep the pace for at least 20 minutes.

HIIT exercises are also extremely beneficial. Your metabolism, endurance and fat burning capabilities will be heightened. For HIIT exercises, there are different rounds. You push yourself at a harder pace and then do recovery intervals.

Your heart rate should be at 80-95% of your max heart rate during the speed intervals and recovery rounds should be at 40-60%. HIIT is more about exerting your energy rather than your heart rate, but it still helps to monitor your thumper while you do it!

Expert Tip

Its vital to pick a heart rate monitor you will actually wear. Make sure its comfortable, or it doesnt matter how many cool features it has, it might just end up gathering dust.

Did You Know?

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Same number of steps forwards and backwards

GPS: Yes Screen resolution: 208 x 208 pixels, 1.04 inches Dimensions : 45.5×45.5×11 mm , 41.9×45.7×12.7 mm Weight: 52 g 46.5 g Waterproof/depth: Yes/50 m Battery life: 2629 hours Cordless technology: Bluetooth Altimeter : Yes Compass: Yes Vibration alarm: Yes Heart rate measurement: Yes, built-in optical reading at wrist

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the more expensive and luxurious of Samsungs two new smart watches. Not much has happened to the outside, but everything is new on the inside for both good and bad.

The Classic versions of Samsung smart watches have more or less followed the same design pattern since the beginning. The popular spin-around menu scroll feature is now back, which is the biggest difference between Samsungs two Watch 4 variants.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Best Heart Rate Monitors (In Early 2021)

Heart rate monitors come in many shapes and sizes, each with different qualities but they should all possess a few basics. To point you in the right direction, weve come up with a list of key considerations you should think about before you click order.

Exercise Modes

Many of the options we have presented above come with 6 modes or more for different types of exercise. Your watch will monitor your heart rate and help you lose weight and build endurance by targeting your individual needs. Everything will depend on your age, and activity level for the watch to find the most effective measurements.


What does it do? This depends on you. What would you like your watch to monitor? Just your heart rate and blood pressure? How about sedentary alerts and real-time updates on calls and texts? Most exercise watches should come with the same basic designs, but anything beyond that might take more searching on your part and maybe a bit more cash.


The accuracy of the smart heart rate monitor watch is easily one of the most important features. Wristwatch heart rate monitors utilize small LED lights to track your heartbeat. In order for them to be accurate, they need to have sufficient contact with your skin.

So when you are wearing a heart rate monitor around your wrist, its important not to have it too loose. If accuracy is your number 1 consideration, you might consider chest strap heart rate monitors.


Charging/Battery Life

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Good App Poor Mobile Connection

When it comes to the associated software, the Vantage M has benefited enormously from being able to mature. The truly exhaustive analysis functions for exercise, sleep and daily activity that were introduced in the budget Ignite watch are also included here. You also get notifications from your mobile, even though they regularly stopped working on both iPhone and Android during our tests. At the same time theres no fixed connection to the mobile. When you finish a session you must manually synchronise it to your phone or computer .

The analysis functions deserve a special mention. Because when it comes to sleep measurement, nobody provides as much detail as Polar. Combined with built-in sessions for stretching, simple strength training and condition based on the watchs assessment of your well-being and exercise, this is really good.

A lot of the functionality has been added over the years for the Vantage M, and as both a pulse watch and an everyday activity assistant its become very intelligent and good value for money. For the everyday fitness enthusiast theres really everything you need here, but if you want a better connection to your mobile or perfect accuracy in how GPS routes are recorded, this may not be the watch for you. But despite that this is a very competent pulse watch and associated app, and in terms of price its a good choice for those with a slightly tighter budget.

How Do We Test The Best Heart Rate Monitors

My testing for this guide to the best heart rate monitors has been an ongoing process for a number of months. Each test started with an unboxing, during which I made a mental note of the packaging for its eco-friendliness. All brands use some form of plastic in their packaging, but Wahoo is the best in this regard.

For chest straps, I then read the care instructions and make a note of washing recommendations, before removing the battery cover in a trial run battery swap, noting the difficulty. Next up, comes the adjustment, and working out how easy – or difficult – it is to fit the strap. On the chest straps, Garmin’s HRM Pro wins this, with close seconds coming to both Polar options.

Next, I researched the claimed features and qualities of each heart rate monitor and tried out these features during testing to see if there were any quirks or issues.

In the absence of having a doctor with an ECG machine on hand for all of my workouts, I improvised a way to confirm accurate readings. Throughout testing, I spent a period of time wearing three heart rate monitors for my workouts – two chest straps and a wrist strap – testing each heart rate monitor against at least three others in order to weed out any devices with inaccurate data or poor connectivity.

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How Accurate Is Your Trackers Heart

The accuracy of a fitness trackers heart-rate data often depends on what youre doing at a given moment. Detailed heart-rate monitoringand metrics based on various heart-rate data pointshas become increasingly popular on many fitness trackers. Sensors record the wearers heart rate at rest, during activity, and throughout a nights sleep. They record heart-rate variability and look out for irregular heart-rate rhythms with ECG capabilitiesthough, again, both measurements are best viewed as guides rather than as diagnostic tools.

To capture most of that data, fitness trackersand other wrist-worn devices, such as GPS running watchesuse , a technology that uses light to measure changes in blood volume within the wrist. It is, of course, open to foibles. How a tracker is wornhow its positioned on the wrist, how tight the band is cinchedcan affect readings. Studies have been conducted on other factors, too, like whether skin tone, body hair, and even tattoos affect the accuracy of wrist-based heart-rate readings.

Bottom line? Most of should be looked at primarily as directional signals, said Dr. C. William Hanson III, a professor of anesthesiology and critical care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Wear your chosen device regularly and pay attention to cumulative results versus isolated numbers. Youll be able to notice trends over time, said Jagim, and get more answers to your questions.

Types Of Heart Rate Monitors

Top 32 Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches of 2021  Reviewed &  Ranked

Chest-strap HRMs: A wireless sensor on a chest strap detects your pulse electronically and sends that data to a wristwatch-style receiver, which displays your heart rate. Once you get used to the routine of putting on the heart rate monitor chest strap and working out with it on, a strap will provide the most accurate heart-rate results. Some can also broadcast to GPS cycling computers. This gives the advantage of not having to look at your watch as you ride. It also integrates with fitness data through Strava, Garmin Connect and other fitness software platforms.

Wrist-based HRMs: An optical sensor built into the wrist units watchband or case back detects your pulse. Though heart rate monitor watches are slightly less accurate, wrist-based models avoid the discomfort and additional pre-workout fuss associated with chest straps. Wrist based HRMs can be worn 24/7 which helps with tracking heart rate at a more detailed level. But it also helps with recovery and sleep data. The more your device can read your heart rate, the more accurate your recovery times and sleep data are.

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Best For Workout Optimization: Fitbit Charge 5

The Fitbit Charge 5 builds on the features of the Fitbit Charge 4 and offers even more detailed insights into the users workouts.

With a Premium membership, a person can optimize their activity and workout routine with the Daily Readiness feature. This provides a personalized score that uses data from a persons exercise, sleep, and heart rate variability trackers to let them know if their body is ready for a workout or if they should take a day to recover.

During workouts, the Fitbit Charge 5 uses GPS and workout data to produce an intensity map. This shows a person how the intensity of their pace and heart rate changed throughout their workout. The Active Zone Minutes feature helps a person keep within their target heart rate zone during exercise to optimize its benefits.

With a Premium membership, it is possible to engage with guided audio workouts and get workout, mindfulness, and challenge recommendations based on the users insights.

The Fitbit Charge 5 does not support Spotify playlists, unlike the Fitbit Charge 4. It has a battery life of up to 7 days, and people can use the device to make payments and get notifications for calls, texts, and calendar alerts.

The Fitbit Charge 5 costs $179.95.

The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches

1. Best overall: Fitbit Versa 3

  • Get a daily readiness score that indicates whether you should concentrate on recovery or exercise . Premium content recommendations might only be accessible in English and may not be available in all regions.
  • Use the built-in GPS to run, bike, hike, and perform other activities without a phone while seeing your current pace and distance. Then look at your workout intensity map in the Fitbit app.
  • Active zone minutes measure exercise effort based on your resting heart rate and buzz you when you increase the intensity so you can get the most out of your workouts. The Fitbit Versa 3 is water-resistant up to 50 meters.
  • With Purepulse 2.0, Fitbit’s improved heart rate technology, you can more accurately track heart rate around the clock.
  • For a 6-month trial of the Fitbit premium for new premium users, utilize the built-in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to obtain instant news, set alarms and reminders for bedtime, and more.
  • With fast charging, you can get one day’s worth of battery life in just 12 minutes and 6+ days of battery life on a full charge
  • Store and play music & podcasts on Deezer or Pandora, plus manage Spotifyall from your wrist.
  • Track your time in light, deep, and REM sleep, then get your sleep score to better understand your sleep quality each night. Music services require subscriptions and are not available in all countries.

2. Best under $100: Willful Waterproof Smart Watch IP68

3. Best splurge: Apple Watch Series 7

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