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Does Workers Comp Cover Heart Attacks

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Getting Workers’ Compensation for Heart Attacks and Strokes

You may be eligible for workers comp benefits after a heart attack at work, but it wont be easy to prove. If you believe that you have suffered a work-related heart attack, contact Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C. today for a free, no-obligation consultation. You can talk with our Pennsylvania workers compensation lawyers about your legal rights to receive the benefits you need during your recovery.

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At CT Injury Lawyers, our Connecticut workers compensation lawyers had once represented insurance companies. We know how the system works and how to fight for your rights. We have decades of experience and will use it to get the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers know that insurance companies vigorously defend workers compensation claims involving heart attacks and strokes. We have more than 30 years of experience fighting for the victims of work-related injuries. Over a hundred attorneys have referred clients to us for representation in all types of workers compensation and personal injury claims.

Does Indiana Work Comp Cover Heart Attacks

Heart attacks can be deadly, and they can strike at any time. You might have been at work when you began experiencing symptoms. You sought medical care immediately, but now youre unable to work for some time. This scenario can leave you and your family without reliable income, which can put excessive stress on you when youre trying to recover.

Does Indiana work comp cover heart attacks? Unfortunately, the answer is a little complicated. Youll need to speak to an attorney from Kooi Law before you begin. Theyll have the experience necessary to determine whether youre able to file for workers compensation benefits.

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If Medical Evidence Supports That A Heart Attack Or Stroke Was Work

Workers compensation benefits are meant to provide financial compensation and medical expenses for injuries sustained at work or as a result of their work. Whether or not a heart attack or stroke that occurs at work will be covered under workers compensation is a bit of a gray area. First of all, the incident must be related to the work that you do or the working conditions, like heat, physical exertion, or stress. If the medical evidence supports this, you could have a successful claim. This could be true even if a heart attack or stroke occurred at home.

If you file a claim for workers compensation for a heart attack or stroke, your employers insurance company will look closely at your medical records. They will assume you are predisposed to a heart attack/stroke if they find that you have or have had high blood pressure, are overweight, or have high cholesterol.

The burden of proof will be on you and your attorney to show that your injury is caused by conditions related to your work. These cases can be very complicated, and you should seek the expert advice of a workers compensation attorney. It will be the job of your expert workers compensation attorney to prove that your condition was caused by your job or working conditions, so they will need to obtain evidence to support this.

You Must Prove That The Heart Attack Is Actually Work

Does Workers

The issue with filing for heart attack workers’ compensation benefits is that you must establish that the heart attack itself was work-related. Iowa law will only allow workers compensation benefits for legitimate work-related injuries or illnesses.

Proving that your heart attack is in fact work-related can be difficultif not impossible. The law will require that you establish that some sort of unusual or extraordinary physical exertion, strain, or condition during the course of regular employment led to the heart attack itselfand that no private contributing factors could equally be to blame.

Just because you had a heart attack at work does not mean it was work-related. You must be in the middle of a work event and show that your employer contributed to the injury or aggravated a pre-existing condition in a way that led to your heart attack. An employer can also argue that you are not eligible for benefits because of your dietary habits and overall physical condition. They can state that these aggravated the condition, not the employment, and that it led to your heart attack. However, if you can also prove that the stress of your job aggravated your condition and triggered a heart attack, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits under the law.

Key Points to Remember About Proving Your Heart Attack Was an On the Job Injury:

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Heart Attacks And California Workers Compensation Benefits

In California, if you or your loved one suffered an injury or death due to a heart attack or stroke you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. If the stroke or heart attack was brought on by work exertion, stress or strain, it is a compensable injury when medical evidence shows that the work activity or environment caused the injury.

Often the worker had a preexisting abnormal cardiovascular or cerebrovascular condition. This preexisting condition is considered a contributing cause of the injury or death. However this doesnt mean the worker isnt still entitled to workers compensation benefits. Case law states that when the preexisting condition is aggravated by the employment, even though a healthy worker would not have been affected, the injured worker is still entitled to compensation. The rule stays the same even if the employee would have eventually died from the disease, regardless of his work. There must be evidence that the work hastened or produced the injury or death. )

Often these cases require the opinion of a medical expert, a Qualified Medical Examiner, who specializes in cardiology to sort out the issues of apportionment, the big question of what caused the stroke or heart attack?

DISCLAIMER: This post provides general information only and is not intended to serve as legal advice.


When You Should File

Heart attacks, however, can be caused or worsened by stress. You might already be at some risk for a heart attack, for example, but its not imminent. Its been an especially stressful week at work and your boss just threatened to fire you. In the middle of extreme duress, you might suffer a heart attack.

In this case, theres a chance that you could receive workers comp benefits because the illness was caused or worsened because of your job. You might not have suffered the heart attack if you werent at work and experiencing increased amounts of work-related stress and anxiety.

Exposure to dangerous substances could also cause or worsen serious problems, such as heart attacks. If you were exposed to something you otherwise wouldnt have, then you might be eligible for workers compensation.

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Fighting For Your Rights

Insurance companies will try to highlight risk factors in your lifestyle or genetics that could have caused a heart attack or illness, ignoring the contributing factors often found on the job. Our lawyers have experience defeating these arguments in workers compensation cases involving heart attacks.

We are selective about the cases we take on, which allows our lawyers to provide thorough, caring representation to families affected by work-related illnesses. We are not afraid of complex cases, and we have the skill to help victims of:

  • Myocardial infarction
  • Occupational exposure to toxins

Our law firm often works directly with medical experts to prove how a work environment caused the heart attack or stroke. And if you have lost a loved one to an occupational illness or accident, we will provide you with compassionate representation while protecting your rights.

Requirement Of Medical Evidence To Prove Heart Attack And Stroke Injuries

CVS Worker has heart attack “NOT ALLOWED” to leave until replacement shows | #PizzaIsNotWorking

One of the special rules for heart attack and stroke injuries is a requirement of medical evidence. This means that there must be evidence from a medical provider that the job caused or contributed to the heart attack or stroke. Take a look at .

Usually, a doctor who provided medical treatment for the heart attack or stroke could provide the medical evidence. The evidence could also come from a doctor who did not provide any treatment but reviewed medical records and other information and gave an opinion. It is important to understand that it is also fine to use nonmedical evidence as long as there is some medical evidence used.

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When Is A Heart Attack A Work Injury

Suffering a heart attack during lunch hour, while on break, or even while away from work might be partly or wholly work-related. Whenever an employee suffers a heart attack while working or that is work-related, that counts as a work injury or illness. Heart attacks are considered work-related when an employee is under significant stress or strain, or working in physically taxing conditions that increase heart attack risk.

Your work conditions might cause or contribute to you suffering a heart attack during work or well after you clock out for the day.

If you think you are having a heart attack while at work, the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission says you should:

  • Get medical help right away.
  • Notify your employer of your condition as soon as possible.
  • Know your rights and exercise them.
  • File your workers compensation claim in a timely manner.

Medical assistance will determine whether you suffered a heart attack, stroke, or some other medical condition. Reporting the heart attack or other ailment to your employer as soon as possible helps to show it is work-related. A heart attack will likely require you to miss a significant amount of work. Your employer is required to notify the IWCC whenever a work-related injury or illness causes a worker to miss more than three days.

Getting Workers Comp For A Pre

A pre-existing heart condition should not affect your ability to obtain workers compensation benefits. Illinois law says the workplace aggravation of a pre-existing condition is covered by workers compensation.

If your claim was denied, you can appeal a denial to the IWCC to overturn the adverse outcome of your claim. An experienced Chicago workers compensation lawyer can help protect your right to financial recovery if your claim was wrongfully denied based upon a pre-existing heart condition or another reason.

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New Jersey Work Injury Lawyers At Pietras Saracino Smith & Meeks Llp Help Workers Who Suffer From Workplace Injuries

If you were injured at work, contact one of our experienced New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers at today. We offer comprehensive support when evaluating your case, gathering relevant evidence, and analyzing approaches to recover the maximum amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. Call us at or complete an to arrange a free initial consultation. Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we serve clients throughout South Jersey, including the City of Camden.

What You Need To Prove

Work Related Injuries, Missouri Workers Compensation Attorneys

Merely having a heart attack or stroke at work isn’t enough to qualify for workers comp. In fact, in Ohio, its not even enough to show that your heart attack was caused by general workplace stress or exertion. If your job is stressful or physically demanding and you have a heart attack while performing a normal task, you won’t be eligible for workers comp.

However, if something unusual happens you are attacked by a customer and later have a heart attack, or you’re forced to work in extreme heat and suffer a strokeyou may have a good case for compensation.

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Workers Comp Injuries And Heart Attack Compensation

There are two types of workers compensation injuries.

  • Specific injuries resulting from traumatic incidents or exposure to toxic substances over a short period of time, such as construction accidents.
  • Cumulative injuries, which are physical or psychological disabilities caused by repetitive work-related injuries.

A certain type of cumulative injury can cause heart disease, stroke, digestive problems, hypertension and other diseases through emotional stress and tension in the workplace, as opposed to physical work. Although American medicine has been slow to acknowledge the effects of the mind on the body, these types of stress-related injuries are now being recognized by the courts as covered by workers comp insurance, which includes heart attack compensation.

An employee who has a heart attack at work and can show that the cause was work-related may be eligible for workers compensation benefits, which may include:

  • All necessary and reasonable medical care
  • Temporary disability benefits, generally calculated at 2/3 the employees gross wages
  • Permanent disability benefits, if the employee is unable to return to work
  • Vocational rehabilitation training
  • Death benefits for dependents if the employee did not survive the heart attack

Did The Employment Cause A Heart

Under Louisiana workers compensation, the employment must be clearly shown to have increased the risk of injury before the employee can be compensated for heart-related or perivascular injuries or stroke.Also, the mere occurrence of a heart attack at work does not entitle an employee to compensation it must be shown that the heart attack is causally related to the disability, i.e., that it caused, contributed to or accelerated the heart disease.The test as to whether there was a causal link between employees work and heart attack is an objective one.That means that the comparison is not between physical stress required of job and physical work stress encountered in non-employment activities of the average person, nor is the comparison with an employees own unemployment life activities.Instead, it simply means the comparison of the exertion of a worker to that experienced by the average employee in that occupation. Additionally, a workers compensation claim based on a heart attack does not fail simply because the medical expert cannot definitively state the heart attacks primary cause.

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Put Our Super Lawyers In Your Corner

Not many injured workers are aware that heart attacks or hypertension can be work related. The stress of the job can sometimes trigger cardiac issues even when an employee of a company has preexisting conditions that are not necessarily work related. Heart-related injuries can be triggered by many potential events at work.

Insurance companies will often point out that the injured worker who suffered a heart attack has a preexisting condition such as hereditary high blood pressure, high cholesterol. If the injured worker smoked in their life, the insurance carriers will make it a point to identify that factor as the cause of the heart attack. Just remember, even if you have non work-related factors contributing to your heart disease, does not mean that you are entitled to workers compensation benefits. If work made your illness worse or helped the injury develop sooner, you may be entitled to benefits under California law.


Sometimes, the physical labor can trigger a heart attack. For example, roofers who climb ladders day in and day out while also performing heavy labor can suffer heart attacks due to the physical exertion necessary to complete the job. Again, these may be work related injuries that would entitle an injured employee to workers compensation benefits under California law.


Consult With A Raleigh Workers Comp Lawyer

Caught on the ‘Price Is Right’: Workers Compensation Fraud

Whether you were on the job when your heart attack happened or you suspect it was caused by the conditions of your work environment, get in touch with a qualified Raleigh workers comp lawyer at Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, PA for help with your workmans comp claim.

You can schedule your no-cost case evaluation today by completing the contact form below or by calling our office at .

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Work With An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney To Receive Work

The purpose of workers compensation insurance is to provide immediate relief to injured workers without the necessity of filing a personal injury claim against the employer. Workers who have suffered heart attacks may be eligible for that relief if it can be shown that the injury was caused by work-related factors.

If you find you need to speak with an attorney about your work-related heart attack compensation, Avrek Law Firm is here to help! Our legal team has an impeccable track record with more than $1 Billion recovered for clients, so when you need a heart attack attorney, weve got you covered. Contact us or fill out a form for a free consultation were here to help!

Can I Get Workers Compensation If I Have A Heart Attack At Work

It depends. The North Carolina Workers Compensation Act states that an employees injury is compensable only when it arises out of and in the course of the employment. Whether or not a heart attack is compensable will typically depend on whether or not it was an injury by accident and whether or not it arose out of the employment.

In Dillingham v. Yeargin Construction Company, the North Carolina Court of Appeals wrote that when the employee suffers a heart attack, he or she must show that it was caused by some unusual or extraordinary exertion. Dillingham v. Yeargin Constr. Co., 82 N.C. App. 684, 348 S.E.2d 143 , revd on other grounds, 320 N.C. 499, 258 S.E.2d 380 . For example, in King v. Forsyth County, the North Carolina Court of Appeals held that when a sheriff suffered a heart attack immediately after he engaged in a vigorous foot chase of a fleeing suspect caused by the overexertion experienced during the foot chase was an injury by accident.

Whether or not a heart attack arises out of the employment is a question of what caused the heart attack. For example, were you pre-disposed to having a heart attack and this just happened to be when you had it or was something at work the reason for it? Take the previous police chase example. The Court would probably consider the chase to have caused the heart attack since it involved overexertion and it occurred immediately after the chase. If so, then the heart attack arose out of the employment.

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